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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kevin Smith stuff

Lots of good stuff in the news for Kevin Smith fans. Clerks II officially debuted at Cannes and was welcomed by an eight minute standing ovation.

To see the latest YouTube recap of Cannes and the initial reaction to the film, watch this.

Needless to say Smith was floored saying, "Life comes down to a few major moments. Last night was definitely one of them."

To read the entire blog post on the debut go here.

Also as I type this Smith's Vulgarthon 2006 film festival is going on and included the first screening of Catch and Release, a film which Smith co-stars in and isn't going to be released until January 2007.

To see the Catch and Release trailer you can head here.

Or you can go here.

The News Askew guys are bringing full, live updates from there. To check them out you can go here.

Back to moving.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Zunior Download Of The Week

This week's Zunior free download of the week is from Jerk With A Bomb which would eventually grow to become Black Mountain.

The song is "Don't Forget Your Love" from their 2002 album Pyrokinesis. I'm really digging this song. I got into the Black Mountain album but it was a slow grow on me. I'm totally going to check out the JWAB albums next time I'm at the radio station (if they are there, fingers crossed)

Anyways here's the link to get the song.

Jerk With A Bomb-"Don't Forget Your Love"

As a bonus here is a Black Mountain song from their self-title album that you can get from the Jagjaguwar site.

Black Mountain-"Druganaut"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Anti-Hit List for May 27

Time for this week's Anti-Hit List from John Sakamoto of the Toronto Star.

This week gonna start off with a cover song. Halbino is from L.A. and they've taken 50 Cents' hit song "In Da Club" and turned it into a cheesy pop song. Really fun stuff. Think of Dynamite Hack's cover of "Boyz in Hood".

Halbino-"In Da Club"

The Acorn is also on the list this week with a cover. This is one of Ottawa's Chris Page from the brand new Kelp Records compilation, Will the Bytown Be Unbroken. The album is the a series of Ottawa/Kelp artists covering each other. You can get the song from their Myspace site below.

The Acorn-"Guilt Trip Fashion"

Up next is Portland, Oregon's Eux Autres. A bilingual band that's a brother/sister two piece that plays pretty pop songs. Sakamoto points out the song "Other Girls" which you can stream off their Myspace page. You can also download a song off their new album, Hell is Eux Autres which is out on Grenadine Records.

Eux Autres-"Ecoutez Bien"

On a side note I'm glad to see Grenadine releasing something. Maybe I've been out of the loop, which is entirely possible, but this is the first time I've heard of something coming from them in a bit. Just checking out their site they have been quiet for a year and a half but it's great to see them back.

Well that's it for the list from me this week. Other stuff on this week's list includes The Appleseed Cast, a couple of mash ups and The Automatic. To read the entire list you can go here.

Republic of Safety

Republic of Safety is a band out of Toronto I've started to hear a bit of hype about. Doing the dance/pop thing they've got some really catchy songs. They've release two EPs so far. Last year it was Passport and just recently Vacation on Ta Da! Records.

A review in Eye Magazine out of Toronto this week said of the new EP

"'Let's do something meaningful before we die,' pleads the opening track here, but Republic of Safety don't have to worry about that. Even if these fleeting 10 minutes were the extent of their public record, their legacy would be guaranteed. Without sounding like soulless gravediggers, Republic of Safety carry trace elements of a Dead Kennedys/Go-Go's double bill circa 1980, though RoS are far more preoccupied with the present."

Anyways they've got four songs up on their website for download.

From the new Vacation EP
Republic of Safety-"Vacation"
Republic of Safety-"The Favourite Game"

And from last year's Passport EP
Republic of Safety-"Quoin Quoin"
Republic of Safety-"The Roaches Will Not Survive"

You can also check them out on their Myspace page. They also did an interview on CFRU's Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show to promote their appearance at this year's Hillside Festival last Wednesday. You can check out the interview from the CFRU stream archive below.

Republic of Safety interview on CFRU

Friday, May 26, 2006

Sweet Static Playlist 5/26

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

New and improved broadband stream from the station, as well as the original lo-fi stream.

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.php with a new, easier to navigate layout.

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog

mission of burma-nancy reagan's head from the obliterati (matador-2006) *
the breeders-new year from last splash (4ad-1993)
the flaming lips-my cosmic autumn rebellion from at war with the mystics (warner-2006) *
el perro del mar-god knows (you gotta give to get) from self-titled album (memphis industies-2006) *
the minders-now I can smile from cul-de-sacs & dead ends (spin-art-1998)
old man luedecke-notes from the banjo underground from hinterland (black hen-2006) cc *
the avett brothers-a gift for melody anne from mignonette (ramseur-2004)
shearwater-johnny viola from palo santo (misra-2006) *
ron leary-sweet valentine from theroadinbetween (bootbrush-2006) cc *
yo la tengo-I threw it all away from hard rain vol. two: a tribute to bob dylan (uncut-2002)
ben folds-bitches ain't shit from promo single (epic-2005)
the most serene republic-where cedar nouns and adverbs walk from underwater cinematographer (arts & crafts-2005) cc
cornershop-brimful of asha from when I was born for the 7th time (luaka bop-1997)
the fiery furnaces-black-hearted boy from bitter tea (rough trade-2006) *
they might be giants-why does the sun shine? (the sun is a mass of incandescent gas) from severe tire damage (restless-1998)
joan jett and the blackhearts-bad reputation from fit to be tied: great hits by (mercury-1997)
the afghan whigs-if there's hell below (we're all going to go) from live at howlin' wolf, new orleans promo (elektra-1997) r
the twilight singers-I'm ready from powder burns (one little indian-2006) *
neil young-after the garden from living with war (reprise-2006)
t bone burnett-zombieland from the true false identity (columbia-2006) *
ryan adams-1974 from rock n roll (lost highway-2003) r
bonnie "prince" billy-new partner from sings greatest palace music (drag city-2004)
matthew sweet/susanna hoffs-alone again or from under the covers vol. 1 (shout factory-2006) *

Bob's Birthday, Better Late Then Never (with covers)

Earlier this week was Bob Dylan's birthday (Wednesday I think). Why do I bring this up after the fact? Well because I was busy that day and today while waiting to do my radio show, Sweet Static(listen live at www.cjam.ca-cheap plug) I had time to get up my tribute to Mr. Dylan. So while I'm sure there were plenty of tributes on various mp3 blogs I wanted to add my own touch.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no hardcore fan. I do like what I have in my collection but it isn't much.

Thanks to Uncut Magazine and their excellent tribute cds I've got a few Dylan covers to share. For this post I've grabbed three that I like.

Drive-By Truckers-"Like A Rolling Stone"mp3
Paul Westerberg"It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry"mp3
Lee Ranaldo-"Visions Of Johanna"mp3

They are of course up a zip file on Rapidshare. You can get all three of them here.

The Truckers and Westerberg songs are from Sept. 2005 issue on a cd called Highway 61 Revisited-Revisited. The Ranaldo song is from the June 2002 issue on a cd called Hard Rain: Vol. Two.

So hopefully you enjoy them. Off to do my show.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Canadian Campus Radio Charts for May 23

Here are the Canadian campus radio charts for the week ending May 9 from Earshot, the official charts of the NCRA.

1 Islands Return To The Sea Equator
2 Feist Open Season: Remixes & Collabs Arts & Crafts
3 Tokyo Police Club A Lesson In Crime Paper Bag
4 Final Fantasy He Poos Clouds Blocks Recording Club
5 The Lovely Feathers Hind Hind Legs Equator
6 Sunset Rubdown Shut Up I Am Dreaming Absolutely Kosher
7 Fiery Furnaces Bitter Tea Fat Possum
8 The Black Heart Procession The Spell Touch & Go
9 Run Chico Run Slow Action Boompa
10 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope

To view the entire chart go here.

Now of course CJAM's chart (my home station for those just joining us)

1 Johnny West The Bitter Side Of Sweet Tosteestostas
2 Ron Leary The Road In Between Independent
3 Feist Open Season: Remixes & Collabs Arts & Crafts
4 Mogwai Mr Beast Matador
5 Yellowwood Yellowwood Independent
6 Islands Return To The Sea Equator
7 Ten Year Drought Memoranda Independent
8 Juana Molina Son Domino
9 Damian Marley Welcome To Jamrock Tuff Gong
10 Aggrolites Aggrolites Hellcat/Epitaph

To view this whole chart head here.

More Clerks II

Yes I know this is an mp3 blog but I shall always whore myself out for Kevin Smith.

Brand new teaser on You Tube that you can watch here...

I so can't wait for the movie...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

NXNE update

So it's official and I'm going to NXNE in Toronto next month, with media passes through the station.

The schedule is up now for most of the festival with a few holes to still be filled. You can check it out here. You can search by band or venue. Try looking under the venue since it seems easier.

I was going to check out a Toronto Blue Jays game when I was up there, most likely on the Saturday but there are two bbqs going on that afternoon that I'd like to check out. Six Shooter Records is having one and so is White Cowbell Oklahoma. Not sure which one I'll hit but either of them is enough to get me to call off going to a game.

Hopefully I'll make it out to some of the panels. Nothing on mp3 blogs per say but some on technology that seem interesting.

The big draws seem to be interviews with The Police's Stewart Copeland there to plug his documentary on The Police, "Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out", Tom Verlaine of Television and Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks. Both the Buzzcocks and Television will be playing shows as well.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Danger Doom

Song two of the free online Danger Doom ep is up on Adult Swim.

Here's the link to the page.

Down below is the direct link to get the song.

Danger Doom-"Sofa King"

Post Number 100 aka The Sweet Static Update, plus Bob Wiseman

Wish I had something big and special for this post but I don't. So instead I'd thought I'd bring up a couple of things having to do with Sweet Static.

Basically some things going on in the personal life good and bad. Got a new computer thanks to friends at work. This is good since my old computer didn't have a lot of memory, was really slow and not always reliable to work. New computer is the exact opposite; lots of memory, fast, has worked beautifully so far. However all my music is on the other computer and me being computer stupid has to figure out a way to get the stuff from that one to this one.

Add in the fact I'm in the middle of packing/moving not much is being brought forward from my personal collection of music.

So if you're sitting there waiting for the rest of the Neil Young/Bruce Springsteen/REM etc. concert it's going to be a bit, sorry.

I'm also going to start on a Sweet Static FAQ so people can one stop shop for info on the site and why things are like they are here. Also going do some things to try and make it look neater and put up the mp3 blog warnings, which I believe in but haven't put up in writing and other things like personal links and stuff like that in case anyone wants to say hi or make fun of me.

But that's all well and good but people come here for the music and the music I'm bringing.

I've been on a bit of a Bob Wiseman kick lately. For those of you who don't know, he used to be in Canadian alt-country legend Blue Rodeo and recently The Hidden Cameras for a spell. Also he has done a bunch of solo releases. He's also one of the biggest smartasses in music (he tried unsuccessfully to legally change his name to Prince when the purple one went to the symbol).

I remember seeing him live back in Windsor a few years ago. and he sang this great song called "My Cousin Dave". A hilarious song about his attempts to talk to his "cousin" David Geffin (calling a distant relation would be stretching it). I bought the album it was on, 1995's Accidently Acquired Beliefs. However it wasn't the full version. Titled "My cousi-" it goes through the first verse and then a Geffen lawyer's phone call ends the song. Seeing how the album was originally released on Warner you can guess why the song is like that.

Well in 2004 he release It's True on the Blocks Recording Club and on it was the full version of the song. It's really funny and a biting look at corporate music.

The Blocks website has the full version up as a free mp3 so you can go here to get Bob Wiseman-"My Cousin Dave"

To get both version you can get them on this zip file on Rapidshare. The original version was never released as it's own track on the cd, it's tacked on to the end of the lead track "William". So really you're getting 3 songs in the zip.

Zunior Free Download Of The Week

This week's freedown load of the week from Zunior is from a band called Littleclever out of Toronto.

An instrumental track with a nice beat to it.

Download Littleclever-"And The Panhandlers" here

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Anti-Hit List for May 20

Not a lot of time and some bad links when I searched out stuff so a shortened recap of John Sakamoto's Anti-Hit List this week.

The first thing to catch my eye was new music from The Sleepy Jackson. Unfortunately the lead single "God Lead Your Soul" wasn't connecting on their Myspace page. But Sakamoto says that it, "...doesn't sound much like their previous output but can still be summed up using the same adjectives: lush, summery, ethereal and three or four others plucked straight from the rock-crit thesaurus." Hopefully you have better luck with the connection then me if you go there to check it out.

Sweeden's El Perro Del Mar is also featured. She's got 4 songs for download on her website. "God knows(you gotta give to get)" is a beautiful pop song. You can try and download it from her site but I was having troubles with it.

El Perro Del Mar-"God knows(you gotta give to get)"

It is also available for download from her Myspace page.

Like I said bad time for me with connections and crap. New stuff also on the List from Bruce Cockburn, Keane, Outkast.

To read this week's entire Anti-Hit List go here.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Sweet Static Playlist 5/19

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.html

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog

drive-by truckers-wednesday from a blessing and a curse (new west-2006) *
ryan adams-sylvia plath from gold (lost highway-2001)
juana molina-micael from son (domino-2006) * mp3 http://fuelfriends.blogspot.com/2006/05/world-music-wednesday_17.html
the band w/bob dylan-forever young from the last waltz (warner-1978)
islands-rough gem from return to the sea (equator-2006) cc *
all about chad-kristin from down in front (big pop-1995)
the local rabbits-at least you got the cake from this is it here we go (brobdingnagian-2001) cc
the old soul- from self-titled album (hand of god/universal-2005) cc
starlight mints-rhino stomp from drowaton (barsuk-2006) *
guillemots-made up lovesong #43 from from the cliffs (verve-2006) *
tokyo police club-if it works from a lesson in crime (paper bag-2006) cc *
neil young-let's impeach the president from living with war (reprise-2006) *
bruce springsteen-mrs. mcgrath from we shall overcome: the seeger sessions (columbia-2006) *
the pogues-the sunnyside of the street from the very best of: (warner-2001)
jolie holland-moonshiner from springtime can kill you (anti-2006) *
ron leary-old fashioned morphine from theroadinbetween (boot brush-2006) cc *
the low tones-station wagon from high hopes and low tones (modern soul-2000) cc
matthew sweet/susannah hoffs-and your bird can sing from under the covers vol. 1 (shout factory-2006) *
the constantines-dirty businness from the modern sinner nervous man ep (suicide squeeze-2002) cc
black mountain-modern music from self-titled album (jagjaguwar-2005) cc
lambchop-loretta lung from the decline of country & western civilization part II: the woodwind years (merge-2006) *

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Around the blogs

Just a few things that have caught my attention these days.

-Awesome Until Proven Guilty has a bunch of new Ben Folds songs from the Over The Hedge soundtrack. The songs are over here and include a new version of "Rockin' The Suburbs" with William Shatner. You can also stream the whole album over at AOL Music.
-Cable and Tweed got the quick scoop of the Norah Jones side project El Madmo. They had two songs up on their Myspace site that Tweed captured and posted. Unfortunately though the asked him to take them down and took the songs off their Myspace. I was able to get the songs before this happened and had planned to play one on my radio show tomorrow but I'm thinking I'll respect the band's wishes and not play it yet. Good songs though.
-I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a Bruce Springsteen BBC session with his Seeger Sessions band. Eight songs recorded in a church in London. Go here to check it out.
-Trees Lounge coninues around the US. This time Minnesota is in the spotlight. I only wish I had that much time to devote to my site. Stupid real life...

New Danger Doom

On the Adult Swim site the first track of the Danger Doom free EP has been put up.

The track is called Korndogs and I like it. Some nice string samples in there. Won't change the world or nothing but it's fun. Down below is the link to get it.

Danger Doom-"Korndogs"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I know some people have found my site looking for the new Danielson record, Ships. Forgive me but I have a counter program and me being the whore that I am do let it influence my radio show and what I post on. Not a lot but a little.

Well let it not be said that I don't try to help people out. I don't have the record and only played a song on my show last week but I liked it. However when I got the Secretly Canadian email this week I noticed that they had an mp3 from the new album up on their site.

Go here to get the song "Did I Step On Your Trumpet?"

While you are at it just check out their download page with a ton of videos and songs here.

Including a Br. Danielson song "Things Against Stuff"

Canadian Campus Radio Charts for May 16

Here are the Canadian campus radio charts for the week ending May 9 from Earshot, the official charts of the NCRA.

1 Islands Return To The Sea Equator
2 Tokyo Police Club A Lesson In Crime Paper Bag
3 Feist Open Season: Remixes & Collabs Arts & Crafts
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
5 Final Fantasy He Poos Clouds Blocks Recording Club
6 The Lovely Feathers Hind Hind Legs Equator
7 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
8 Run Chico Run Slow Action Boompa
9 Sunset Rubdown Shut Up I Am Dreaming Absolutely Kosher
10 The Black Angels Passover Light In The Attic

To view the whole chart go here.

Now of course, my home station's chart, CJAM.

1 Aphex Twin Chosen Lords Rephlex
2 Various Natural Selection Nature Sounds
3 Calexico Garden Ruin Quarterstick
4 The Knights Of The New Crusade A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom Alternative Tentacles
5 Belle And Sebastian The Life Pursuit Matador
6 Matthew Sweet And Susanna Hoffs Under The Covers: Volume 1 Shout Factory
7 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
8 Gnarls Barkley Selections From St. Elsewhere Downtown/Atlantic
9 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra Strings And things Ubiquity
10 Yellowwood Yellowwood Independent

To view the entire CJAM chart go here.

My best of 2004 List

Yes let the time travel continue. 2004 was the first year I officially did a top 13 for the year on my old show Tupelo Blue Whiskey. Even then I still had a ton of stuff that I didn't get to play.

Here's the list before I comment on it more (cc is Canadian content by the way)

album #13-ford pier-"pier-ic victory" six shooter
album #12-sarah harmer-"all of our names" cold snap/universal cc
album #11-feist-"let it die" arts & crafts cc
album #10-neko case-"the tigers have spoken" mint
album #9-wilco-"a ghost is born" nonesuch
album #8-brian wilson-"smile" nonesuch
album #7-greenfield main-"barnburners & heartchurners" kelp cc
album #6-sun kill moon-"ghosts of the great highway" jetset
album #5-bonnie "prince billy-"sings greatest palace music" drag city
album #4-the magnetic fields-"i" nonesuch
album #3-loretta lynn-"van lear rose" interscope
album #2-drive by truckers-"the dirty south" new west
album #1-arcade fire-"funeral" merge

It was definitely the year of the Arcade Fire and I wasn't going to argue. It's one of those things where you hate to look like you have no immagination when everyone and their cousin is picking the same thing as best album but to me it was and it still holds up for me to this day.

Other then that I'd probably just move some stuff around but not really take anything out. Only albums I'd seriously think about moving in would be The Hidden Camera's Mississauga Goddam and Peter Elkas' Party of One.

Album I listen to the most today on the list would be Greenfield Main. You can download some Greenfield Main from the Kelp Records website.

"Fireworks Display"

Album I listen to the least would probably be the Sarah Harmer or Magnetic Fields record.

To see the entire playlist you can head to the original post of it in my Livejournal.

More Broken Social Scene vs. Canadian Idol

In the war that just won't seem to end, Broken Social Scene is striking once again at Canadian Idol.

Eye Magazine out of Toronto is reporting that for their new video "Fire Eye'd Boy", Kevin Drew will be trying out for an Idolesque show and be given a rough time from judge Geddy Lee, of course from Rush. I'm curious to see how this will be. Sounds like it'll be a fun video.

To read the whole article (although it's about as long as my summary) click here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My top albums of 2005 (or better late then never)

Why am I posting this now? Because I didn't have Sweet Static back in January when I made the list up and thought I'd post this up so people can get an idea of what I'm into. If I can find them I'll try and get my other lists up and see how my original picks have stood the test of time.

On my old radio show, Tupelo Blue Whiskey, I always did a best of show where I played tracks from my favorite records. Each year the format has changed although in the last 2 years I did the Tupelo Blue Whiskey Bakers' Dozen. I found that thirteen albums gave me a good number and that I didn't leave too many albums out.

Now a few months later I'd probably change things up a bit. The Black Mountain record really grew on me and I really liked the Joel Plaskett record as well. But still I can't complain about what I finally decided on.

So with that here were my favorite albums of 2005. (cc-canadian content)

number 13-the detroit cobras-baby (bloodshot)
number 12-geoff berner whiskey rabbi (black hen) cc
number 11-iron & wine/calexico-in the reins (overcoat)
number 10-broken social scene-broken social scene (arts & crafts)
number 9-sharon jones & the dap kings-naturally (daptone)
number 8-jason collett-idols of exile (arts & crafts)
number 7-the mountain goats-the sunset tree (4ad)
number 6-final fantasy-has a good home (blocks)
number 5-the decemberists-picaresque (kill rock stars)
number 4-petra haden-sings:the who sells out (bar/none)
number 3-joe-rae and the river-old songs for the new town (permafrost)
number 2-the new pornographers-twin cinemas (mint)
number 1-sufjan stevens from illinois (asthmatic kitty)

To see the entire playlist of the show you can check out my Livejournal post of it. I played some music that didn't make the cut (Joel Plaskett, Magnolia Electric Co., Nathan Coles Outfit, etc.)

Tastefest 2006 Detroit, update

Well originially I posted a list of bands scheduled to appear at this year's Tastefest in Detroit.

Well they've now got more info up, including scheduled times. To check it out you can go here.

The big names include

Friday, June 30-Common at 8:30 pm
Saturday, July 1-Ray Davies at 8:30 pm
Sunday, July 2-The New Pornographers at 8:30 pm
Monday, July 3-Mavis Staples at 5:30 pm
-Kings of Leon at 8:30 pm
Tuesday, July 4-Eric Burdon and the Animals at 3:00 pm
-All American Rejects at 6:30 pm

Missing from the list but named in the lastest Matador email was Cat Power for July 1st. Opening for Ray Davies possibly? We'll have to see.

I know I'm going to try and head over for a bit. I'd love to see Common, Mavis Staples and The New Pornographers. Pretty sweet line-up for free.

Zunior's Free Download Of The Week/Podcast

This week's Zunior download is from Royal Wood and his 2004 album Tall Tales.

I caught him last year down here in Windsor, opening for Valery Gore and I know he's also done some tours opening for Sarah Harmer. Anyways was a really good show. One of those ones where you just sit down, relax and enjoy the music.

You can download "Weigh Me Down" here.

Also Zunior has started it's own Podcast up. I haven't listened to it yet but just looking at this playlist I think I'm going to check it out soon.

The Hanson Brothers - My Game
Great Lake Swimmers - See you on the Moon
Elevator - August
Eric's Trip - I'm so near here
Wintersleep - Lipstick
Jill Barber - Old Blue Carpet
The Remains of Brian Borcherdt - Flight
Mike O'Neill - Mr. Carvery
The New Pornographers - Use It
Lost Wax Guild - Streets are Empty
The Super Friendz - Girls and their Boys
Paper Moon - Daytrip to Salzburg

Great way to check out some Canadian music that you may not of heard of (well ok you've probably heard of The New Pornographers but still). Lots of great bands here.

Check it out for full details on the Zunior Blog.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Anti-Hit List for May 13

Back with another week of John Sakamoto's Anti-Hit List.

Goint to start with Persephone's Bees out of Oakland. Where as he describes, "...this four-piece band is deeply informed by lead vocalist Angelina Moysov, who apparently grew up in Russia in a house full of gypsy folk music. That background manifests itself here as an arch brand of cocktail music, at once deeply felt and smirkingly ironic." Really catchy song is "Nice Day" which you can hear streamed along with two other songs on their Myspace page.

Next is Phoenix highlighting ths song "Long Distance Call" saying of it, "Not that there's anything remotely punk or even lo-fi about the result. It's more like the kind of bright, bouncing-off-the-walls energy displayed by a 10-year-old who's been cooped up in his room for a week with the flu." A fun, catchy song. You can stream it on Myspace along with three other songs.

Next comes Slow Runner. They released an album earlier this year but it's now just getting a release in Canada. Immediately drew my attention from this quote, "this is smart, accomplished, piano-based pop that wouldn't sound out of place sandwiched between Aqualung and Ben Folds"

You can download three songs from their Myspace page. They are

"You're In Luck"
"Break Your Mother's Back"

Also sounding good is Tommy Keene He has a project coming up with Robert Pollard who Sakamoto hopes will give Keene more notice saying, "If there's one singer-songwriter whose music boasts all the hallmarks of great pop music except the popularity part, it is this stalwart." There are two songs from his latest album available to download from his site.

"Warren In The '60s"
"Lives Become Lies"

Lastly is an Australian band, Augie March. Focusing on the song "One Crowded Hour" caling writer Glenn Richards one of the wittiest working today and as a whole the band "...sounds more than ever like a bunch of guys who a) could've formed in 2006 or 1976 or even 1966 and b) couldn't care less about making it on this continent."

Three songs to stream on their Myspace page and also a download of an exclusive Myspace song. Not sure if it's the official title but it's listed as "Middle Of The Road..."

Here's the video for "One Crowded Hour" as well.

The rest of the List this week features Aqualung, a couple of mashes and a Rolling Stones cover. You can read the whole list for yourself right here.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Sweet Static Playlist 5/12

Thanks to Ron Leary for calling in. Check out his CD release show tomorrow night in Windsor at Martini Sky.

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.html

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog

local rabbits-(sally ann's) style denial from you can't touch this (murder-1996) cc
willie nelson-bubbles in my beer from you don't know me: the songs of cindy walker (lost highway-2006) *
bruce springsteen-o mary don't you weep from we shall overcome: the seeger sessions (columbia-2006) *
hayden-the hazards of sitting beneath pal trees from the closer I get (universal-1998) cc
danielson-my lion sleeps tonight from ships (secretly canadian-2006) *
raised by swans-violet light from codes and secret landings (indie-2005) cc r
elf power-the spider and the fly from back to the web (ryko-2006) *
feist-mushaboom (k-os mix) from open season: remixes and colabs (arts & crafts-2006) cc *
gnarles barkley from st. elsewhere (downtown-2006) *
-gone daddy gone
matthew sweet and susannah hoffs-monday, monday from under the covers vol. 1 (shout factory-2006) *
people from earth-you! from growing up from the ground (drog-1995) cc
they might be gaints-pencil rain from then (restless-1997)
guillemots-trains to brazil from from the cities (fantastic plastic-2005) *
grandaddy-this is how it always starts from just like the fambly cat (v2-2006) *
jolie holland-crush in the ghetto from springtime can kill you (anti-2006) *
ron leary-everyday I think of you from lapse (indie-2002) cc
calexico-cruel from garden ruin (quarterstick-2006) *

Chris Martin and Ron Sexsmith

On my way out to my radio show but wanted to get this up since I've been stalling on it.

Well it's apparent that EMI doesn't like Chris Martin singing with people.

Chart Magazine has an article on how they won't allow Chris Martin to sing on a song for the new Nelly Furtado record. I guess they even previewed the song, called "All Good Things," for journalists.

To read the article go here.

Not the first time they've done this. There was the song with The Streets that they wouldn't let be released.

However there was a song he was allowed to sing on. Back on 2002's Cobblestone runway Ron Sexsmith had Chris Martin sing on a "remix" version "Gold In Them Hills" The story as I remember was that Martin and Coldplay were big fans and the producer or engineer of the record knew Coldplay and Martin sang some of it as a duet. Sexsmith wasn't too crazy about the idea, probably because he's usually overshadowed by his "famous fans" whenever someone writes about him. But the version of the song was released as a bonus track at the end. There even was a video with both of them in it.

Anyways here are both versions of the song (the Martin version is labelled as remix) of course as zip on Rapidshare.

To get both versions of the song go here.

And since I'm now actually exploring You Tube here's the video as well.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ron Leary

Tomorrow on Sweet Static, the radio edition hopefully I'll be interviewing Ron Leary. A local singer/songwriter that is about to release his first full length album, theroadinbetween, this weekend.

Ron has always been a good friend of the show, including being a co-host in the previous incarnation of Tupelo Blue Whiskey. He also hosts his own show, Open Mic, on CJAM Thursday nights from 7-8 pm.

Hopefully the CD will be ready. Earlier this week he sent out an email with this horror story...

"Yesterday, 1000 of Ron Leary's brand new cd, theroadinbetween, is being loaded into a truck to be shipped to Windsor Ontario. All 1000 of them fall off the truck and smash to the ground into a million pieces. Today the process of reprinting 1000 more cds began. They are scheduled to be completed late Friday afternoon. At that point they are to be shipped Purolator to Windsor from Montreal. Chances of them actually being here for the shows on Saturday - 50/50. Ron's response to all this, 'unfucking belieavable!'"

Cross your fingers for him.

If you are in Windsor/Detroit this Saturday you can see him twice, in his own words again "featuring a 5-piece band made up of some of the finest roots players in the city: Kenneth MacLeod, Scott Hughes, Josh Zalev, Matt Rideout & special guest Kelly Hoppe."

Saturday May 13th
Dr. Disc @ 3pm - all ages (instore)
Sky Lounge @ 10pm - $3 cover

If you aren't in the area you can download the song "Turn" from the new album here.

His Myspace page also has 3 more songs from the new album to stream.

Last but not least you can download these two older songs from his EP Lapse.

"Everyday I Think Of You" aka what I always called the hit single.
"Hey, Hey!"

Canadian Campus Radio Charts

Here are the Canadian campus radio charts for the week ending May 9 from Earshot, the official charts of the NCRA.

1 Islands Return To The Sea Equator
2 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
3 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
4 Tokyo Police Club A Lesson In Crime Paper Bag
5 The Lovely Feathers Hind Hind Legs Equator
6 Run Chico Run Slow Action Boompa
7 Final Fantasy He Poos Clouds Blocks Recording Club
8 The Stills Without Feathers Vice
9 Elf Power Back To The Web Rykodisc
10 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Mint

To see the entire chart you can go here.

Then we have my home station, CJAM and its top ten.

1 Yellowwood Yellowwood Independent
2 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
3 The Stills Without Feathers Vice
4 Elf Power Back To The Web Rykodisc
5 Coldcut Sound Mirrors Ninja Tune
6 Moneen The Red Tree Vagrant
7 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
8 Exene Cervenka And The Original Sinners Sev7en Nitro
9 Calexico Garden Ruin Quarterstick
10 Nomo Newtones Ubiquity

To see the entire CJAM chart head here.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

More older Feist music

Since my previous post of music from Feist's Monarch album seemed to be popular I'm back with another post of older music.

Up first is a track from Placebo 4. This is a live track from an old campus radio show on CJSR in Edmonton called The Great Western Ballroom. It was a show of interviews and live tracks.

To hear more tracks from Placebo 4 you can check out this post from All Things Feist.

Now a couple of weeks ago Clever Titles Are So Last Summer did a post on By Divine Right and it reminded me how much I loved their Bless This Mess album, which featured among others a pre-Broken Social Scene's Brendan Canning and Leslie Feist.

Check out the original post here.

Anyways I remember seeing Feist playing with the band a couple of times when they were touring the album back in 1999. By Divine Right has mostly just been the project of lead guy Jose Contreras if my BDR history recollection is right. Anyways I've got three songs from the album. Feist played guitar and did back up vocals. Not really exciting if you are a hardcore fan and want to hear her, but these are good songs still. They are...

"Come For A Ride"
"5 Bucks"
"Twisted Crystalline"

For the record "5 Bucks" has one of my favorite lines of all time "Kiss the girl named Rock 'n Roll"

All four songs are together on Rapidshare as a zip file which you can get here.

Updated Hillside and NXNE Rosters

Well tickets are pretty much gone for this years Hillside Festival in Guelph but more names are emerging on the official website.

The more I see the more bummed out I can't go. What can you do though. Here's the latest official post.

The approximate main set time/day of each artist is being posted as they become available. We have listed a few that are clearly known at this time beside the artist who's name is in bold. Also more details are going to be shown on which days the performers will be at the festival as we confirm them. The remaining 2006 festival line-up will also be added very soon.

Feist (Sunday all day - main set Sunday evening)
Sarah Harmer (Sat/Sun - main set Saturday night)
Corb Lund (Friday evening main set, Sat/Sun workshops)
Kathleen Edwards (Friday only)
The Stills (Friday closer)
The Hidden Cameras
Cuff the Duke
Final Fantasy
Cadence Weapon
The Sadies
The Constantines
Martyn Joseph
Great Lake Swimmers
Matt Mayes & El Torpedo (main set Saturday evening)
Roxanne Potvin
Horace X
Republic of Safety
Ken Whiteley & David Wall
Gregory Hoskins
Jason Collett Band
The Hootenanny Revue*
*(w/Carolyn Mark, Luther Wright, Jenny Whiteley,Oh! Susanna & friends)

C'Mon, James Gordan and the Sad Clowns, Ecodeck are also on the roster.

-In the festival I will be going to NXNE they've also got some more bands listed.

Lots of new stuff added. Too much to get into right now but for now you can go here and check it out.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back in black aka around the Blogs

No AC-DC here. Just using the song to try and get things going again. A little sick plus new computer is lack of posting. But here goes with some stuff I've been digging on other excellent blogs these last few days.

We'll start out at The Rich Girls Are Weeping with a post of music from Sesame Street. Really fun stuff including Johnny Cash and The Pointer Sisters. Definitely worth checking out so go here.

Up next Myself Myself has good quality versions of the new Radiohead songs that got debuted last week live in London (but just Thom and Johnny). Intesting stuff to check out so go here.

Trees Lounge continues it's mp3 trek across America this time back with Michigan and Maryland.

I Rock Cleveland brings individual tracks of Flaming Lips on NPR's World Cafe. Haven't had a chance to listen to them yet but I'm slow. Here's the link for the enitre post.

I'm not sure how I missed this blog in the first place, I saw the name but never got around to checking it out and now I'm kicking myself for taking so long. What Would Jeses Blog is an amazing idea and lots of fun to read. On this important post from the son of God we find out that he loves Bruce Springsteen and posts a bunch of live tracks from his Seeger Sessions band. So see what Jesus has to say about it here.

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends had an amazing run of new music last week. Included are new music from The Replacements and Soul Asylum. Plus her Monday Music Roundup is one of my favorite reads every week.

A site I forgot to check out is the Bootlog site but it's always had a lot of great live stuff and this post is no exception. The Weakerthans and Sarah Harmer together live for CBC. Two sets of each band playing stuff and some team ups as well. Fifteen songs I'm sure are worth getting (once again haven't got a chance to listen yet). Beat me to the punch and grab it here.

Last but not least another favorite Rbally had some problems last week but is back and with a vengence. Lots of of new stuff including a Sonic Youth radio show from Paris.

Ok stopping now. Hopefully some more Feist stuff this week including a rare old track a band of her's from Calgary, Placebo 4 and some By Divine Right influenced by a post on Clever Titles Are So Last Summer on the band.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Zunior Records download of the week.

Fresh with a new computer that I'm still learning how to use Sweet Static brings you the Zunior download of the week.

This week's song is a bit old, 2004 to be exact, as Vailhalen get's their turn in the Zunior spotlight. The song is from their ep becs d'oiseaux. In checking out their website I linked to above I see that they are directing you to their Myspace page so here's that link.

The band is from Calgary and the Zunior site says you might like them if you're into "Wooden Stars, Hot Little Rocket, Kepler."

You can download Vailhalen's "Spit In The Mouth" here.

Sorry for the lame entry. Not feeling well and heading to bed. Just wanted to get this up. Things will improve though with the new computer. Next post will be the promised one from yesterday with some of the cooler stuff I've found around in the blogs.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Two weeks of the Anti-Hit List-part 2

In the May 6th version of John Sakamoto's Anti-Hit List some good stuff.

Going to start with B.C.'s Leroy Stagger. One of those bands that I've heard of but never really listened to. Going to have to change that after checking out a couple of songs. The list brings up the song "Beautiful House" from a new EP. Can't comment on that version but you can hear the original streamed on their Myspace page here. Also from their site you can download "Just In Case".

Jolie Holland is back with a new album and you can download two tracks from it on the Anti website. A little bit of jazz and a little bit folk and a beautiful voice. You can get the title track "Springtime Can Kill You" here. After enjoying that get "Crazy Dreams" here.

Then from the I remember those guys from a long, long, time ago file Kula Shaker is back. I'll admit I always liked Tattva. Anyways they're back after falling off the face of the world and on their Myspace they have a song off their new EP streaming called "Diktator of The Free World" Catchy song and it'll be interesting to hear what the rest of their new stuff will sound like. You can check it out over here.

Lastly a band I've never heard of but Sakamoto's description got my attention, is The Hazy Janes. He said "Though they've drawn comparisons to Ash, the bifurcated sound made by this four-piece out of Dundee, Scotland, more closely approximates a cross between the jangle of The La's and the rustic harmonies of the Jayhawks" In fact Gary Lourris appears on the record. Nothing to download but four songs for stream on Myspace so check it out.

To check out the rest of this weeks Anti-Hit List head over here.

Probably one more post today, just pointing the way to some cool stuff from other blogs.

Two weeks of the Anit-Hit List-part one

Yeah so I fell behind last week with my internet troubles but now trying to catch up. Two editions of John Sakamoto's Anti-Hit List to go over so I'll just hit the things that caught my eye.

In the April 29th edition he pointed the way to the Sonic Youth Myspace page where they have four songs from the new album streaming. He recommends "Reena" and to be honest it's a great Kim Gordon song. Stereogum also has a new song up for download from the forthcoming Rather Ripped. So head over there to download "What A Waste".

There's also a Montreal band called Think About Life that Sakamoto compares to "Sounding like an unruly cross between The Strokes, Yo La Tengo and New York dance-punk revivalists !!! (a.k.a. Chk Chk Chk)" You can download the song "Paul Cries" from there websites here.

Last song to go over is Georgia Anne Muldrow out on the Stone's Throw label. Sakamoto puts it right when he said "On first listen, this sounds like three or four songs playing at the same time, but once your ears get accustomed to the wildly varied elements — soul, jazz, hip-hop, Bjork-like vocal arrangements — you begin to grasp just how precisely this 22-year-old multi-tasker has fit everything together." Really interesting stuff. On her Myspace you can stream 3 songs and on the Stones Throw site you download the song "Larva".

Read the whole April 29th Anti-Hit List here.

I'm going to do this as two posts so I can get something up. The May 6th edition coming up.

Friday, May 05, 2006

New Golden Smog/Stairway to Heaven

-I knew signing up for all those music email lists would come in good. From the Lost Highway email list comes news of My Space pages for upcoming releases including Golden Smog.

The album is called Another Fine Day and is out July 18. They have 4 songs up on the page streaming and so far they sound pretty good. Actually only 1 full song and clips of 3 others. Boo on them. Give us full songs.

Check them out here.

-Also you might want to head over to WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

They have a post with 37 different versions of Led Zepplin's classic "Stairway to Heaven" In fact I think Led's is the only version not up.

Gonna be fun to play around with these. So head over and see what they have here.

Sweet Static Playlist 5/5

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.html

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog

centro-matic-take a rake from fort recovery (misra-2006) *
buck 65-wicked and wierd from talkin' honky blues (warner-2003) cc
cadence weapon-oliver square from breaking kayfabe (upper class-2005) cc *
beck-satan gave me a taco from stereopathic soulmanure (flipside-2004)
mc paul barman title track from paullelujah! (coup d'etat-2002) r
my morning jacket-the bear from acoustic citsuoca (ato-2004) r
the violet archers-path of least from the end of part one (northern electric-2005) cc
neko case-margaret vs. pauline from fox confessor brings the flood (mint-2006) *
bob wiseman-love is a rose from accidentally acquired beliefs (warner-1997) cc
matthew sweet/susannah hoffs-the kids are alright from under the covers vol. 1 (shout factory-2006) *
pas/cal-the bronze beached boys from the handbag memoirs ep (le grand magistry-2002)
radiogram-summer song summer from all the way home (killbeat-2002) cc
the replacements-here comes a regular from tim (sire-1985)
the replacements-message for the boys from I am fuel, you are friends mp3
final fantasy title track from he poos clouds (blocks-2006) cc *
bruce springsteen-froggie went a courtin' from we shall overcome: the seeger sessions (columbia-2006) *
the yeah yeah yeahs-honey bear from show your bones (interscope-2006) * r
sharon jones and the dap-kings-how do you let a good man down from naturally (daptone-2005)
loose fur-the ruling class from born again in the usa (drag city-2006) *
jenny lewis with the watson twins-the big guns from rabbit fur coat (team love-2006) *
grandaddy-skateboarding saved me twice from just like the family cat (v2-2006) * r

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Canadian Campus Radio Charts

Here are the Canadian campus radio charts for the week ending May 2 from Earshot, the official charts of the NCRA.

1 Islands Return To The Sea Equator
2 Pink Mountaintops Axis Of Evol JagJaguwar/Scratch
3 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
4 The Lovely Feathers Hind Hind Legs Equator
5 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
6 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Mint
7 Run Chico Run Slow Action Boompa
8 Built To Spill You In Reverse Warner
9 Sunset Rubdown Shut Up I Am Dreaming Absolutely Kosher
10 Final Fantasy He Poos Clouds Blocks Recording Club

You can view the entire chart here.

And of course here's the charts from CJAM my home station.

1 Ten Year Drought Memoranda Independent
2 Various Sorrow-Bound: Hank Williams Revisited Ruby Moon
3 I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Fear Is On Our Side Secretly Canadian
4 Natacha Atlas Mish Maoul Mantra
5 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
6 Mogwai Mr Beast Matador
7 Drive-By Truckers A Blessing And A Curse New West
8 Cat Power The Greatest Matador
9 Birdy Nam Nam Birdy Nam Nam Uncivilized World
10 Calexico Garden Ruin Quarterstick

The entire chart for CJAM can be seen here.

Lastly here is the monthly chart for all of April

1 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Mint
2 Pink Mountaintops * Axis Of Evol JagJaguwar/Scratch
3 Belle And Sebastian The Life Pursuit Matador
4 Magneta Lane * Dancing With Daggers Paper Bag
5 Destroyer * Destroyer's Rubies Merge
6 Calexico Garden Ruin Quarterstick
7 They Shoot Horses Don't They? * Boo Hoo Hoo Boo Kill Rock Stars
8 Cat Power The Greatest Matador
9 Mogwai Mr Beast Matador
10 Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not Domino

Here is the entire chart for the month.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

NXNE, Hillside, Final Fantasy.

Well the annual North by Northeast festival has posted it's first list of bands playing this years' festival. A few interesting names so far.

I'm hopefully heading up there.

To see the whole list you can go here.

-Earlier today I was listening to The Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show on CFRU in Guelph and they had an interview with Final Fantasy aka Owen Pallett.

You can check out the interview and the whole show by going to the CFRU archive. Pick The Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show and today's date (aka May 3) and select the 8am slot.

A couple of interesting tidbits including there is new Arcade Fire music recorded and Owen will be playing on it but he hasn't heard any of it yet. Also he puts to rest the rumors of website problems.

He's over in Europe right now promoting He Poos Clouds.

-Also Hillside is practically sold out. I have to pass on it this year unfortunately due to issues at work.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bruce & Neil-part 1

Well I've been talking about this so thought I'd finally get on to my Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen post, part 1. Since they are in the news with their recent records I thought I'd go back to the Anit-Bush concerts which I believe were officially put on by Moveon.org.

Anyways the best line-up (to me personally) was Bright Eyes, REM, John Fogarty and Bruce Springsteen. At the show in Minnesota Neil Young showed up (as a Canadian for Kerry I believed he called himself) I was able to download the show (can't remember where, some bit torrent site) and I'm going to put it up in 5 posts.

Audience recording, not the greatest quality but that's ok. The Bright Eyes set wasn't included but Conner shows up in a couple of the many big jam sessions.

As usual the show is up on Rapidshare as a zip file.

Part 1 contains

-REM "Bad Day" w/Bruce Springsteen
-REM "Man on the Moon" w/Bruce Bringsteen
-Introduction by Michael Stipe
-Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band "Star Spangeld Banner"
-Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band "Born in the USA"
-Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band "Badlands"

To download part 1 head here.

The rest of them will come up over the next couple of weeks.

-Also the Globe and Mail had a great article on Pete Seeger the other day. Definitely worth reading. I picked up the new We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions and I haven't stopped listening to it. A great record worth getting.

Broken Social Scene vs. Canadian Idol

Chart Magazine keeps the world up to date on the biggest war ever. Broken Social Scene origially dumped on Idol after a whole slew of ex-participants got Juno Award nominations. To read that you can head here.

Well doing publicity this week for the upcoming season the judges struck back, commenting on how flat the Scene's vocals were in their Juno performance and then the Simon Cowell wannabe Zach Werner said "Yeah, well, how many records have they sold, honestly? I don't know if they did or they didn't go gold, but I know that Rex Goudie sold 21,000 tickets in St. John's himself over the course of three concerts. I'll bet you that if the guy from Broken Social Scene took a nice shit in St. John's, he couldn't attract any flies to it."

Really the whole thing is kinda stupid. Do these kids deserve Juno noms? Not really. But at the same time why bother dumping on them.

To read the whole article you can go here.

Monday, May 01, 2006

This week Zunior's free download (recommended)

So of course no sooner do I finally get around to posting on how I haven't been posting due to a lack of internet at my house I come home and it's back working again. I'm not complaining though.

Especially since it gives me a chance to go over this week's free download from Zunior Records.

This week's song comes from Guelph's Nathan Coles Outfit and their album Twelve Upheavals That Brought The Redwoods To Flight. A favorite band of mine, really nice guys and good record. I think this week's download, "Ordinary" may be my favorite song on the album. Definitely worth checking out.

Click here to download "Ordinary" from the Nathan Coles Outfit.

As for the site, well I've got about 4 days of others mp3 blogs to catch up on. The Anti-Hit List review should be up tomorrow. Other then that hopefully I'll be able to get back to the Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, REM bootleg I talked about earlier.

Until then, listen to the new Neil Young record, Living With War, on his website.

Canadian Campus Radio Chart

Here are the Canadian campus radio charts for the week ending April 25 from Earshot, the official charts of the NCRA.

1 Islands Return To The Sea Equator
2 Neko Case Fox Confessor Brings The Flood Mint
3 The Lovely Feathers Hind Hind Legs Equator
4 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
5 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
6 Pink Mountaintops Axis Of Evol JagJaguwar/Scratch
7 Run Chico Run Slow Action Boompa
8 The Stills Without Feathers Vice
9 The Doers Whatcha Doin' ? Red Cat
10 Built To Spill You In Reverse Warner

To see the entire chart go here.

Also of course my home station's chart, CJAM.

1 Ten Year Drought Memoranda Independent
2 Built To Spill You In Reverse Warner
3 The Stills Without Feathers Vice
4 Calexico Garden Ruin Quarterstick
5 The Flaming Lips At War With The Mystics Warner
6 Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Your Bones Interscope
7 Mono You Are There Temporary Residence
8 Lesbians On Ecstasy Giggles In The Dark: Remixes Alien8
9 Loose Fur Born Again In The USA Drag City
10 Howe Gelb 'Sno Angel Like You Thrill Jockey

To see the entire CJAM chart go here.

Sweet Static playlist 4/29

Weird show, no internet access so no mp3 blog stuff. I guess not really a weird show, just not what my new format was planned. Anyways here's the playlist...

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.html

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog

the beatles-oh! darling from abbey road (apple-1969)
paul kelly-it's my baby from eccentric soul: the deep city label (numero group-2006) *
the bourbon tabernacle choir-be my witness from shyfolk (yonder-1995) cc
nathan coles outfit-I watch from twelve upheavals that brought the redwoods to flight (indie-2005) cc
ron sexsmith-nothing good from other songs (interscope-1997) cc
sean lennon-mystery juice from into the sun (grand royal-1998)
the dears-lost in the plot from no cities left (maple-2003) cc
the flaming lips-the sound of failure from at war with the mystics (warner-2006) *
pete seeger-oh, mary, don't you weep from american favorite ballads volume 1 (smithsonian folkways-2002)
bruce springsteen from we shall overcome: the seeger sessions (columbia-2006)
-old dan tucker
-my oklahoma home
tom waits-pony from mule variations (anti-1999)
geoff berner-unlistenable song from whiskey rabbi (black hen-2005) cc
camera obscura title track from lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken single (merge-2006) *
the hidden cameras-I believe in the good of life from mississauga goddam (outside-2004) cc
gnarles barkley-just a thought from st. elsewhere sampler (downtown-2006) *
they might be giants-who the alphabet in alphabetical order from here come the abcs (disney sound-2005)
drive-by truckers-aftermath usa from a blessing and a curse (new west-2006) *
craig cardiff-one I love from fistful of flowers (maple-2006) cc
pure-lemonade from generation six-pack (attic-1996) cc

Johnny Cash-American V and Sweet Static update

Just got an email with the press release for what should be the last music of new music from Johnny Cash, American V: A Hundred Highways, out July 5. Here is all the info...

LOS ANGELES, CA -- MONDAY, May 1, 2006 -- In the months leading up to
his passing on September 12, 2003, JOHNNY CASH had been recording new
material with producer Rick Rubin. On July 4, 2006, "American V: A
Hundred Highways," the all-new Johnny Cash album taken from those sessions,
will be released on the American Recordings label through Lost Highway.
It will include the last song Cash ever wrote.

The songs that comprise "American V: A Hundred Highways" are as
eclectic an assortment as any on the previous albums in the American series:
"Help Me," a poignant plea to God, the hauntingly beautiful ballad "If
You Could Read My Mind," "God's Gonna Cut You Down," a traditional
spiritual, the touching "Love's Been Good To Me," the heartrending "On The
Evening Train," and "Further On (Up the Road)" are among the tracks on
the new album. Songwriters for the tracks run the gamut from Hank
Williams to Rod McKuen to Bruce Springsteen.

In addition, two original Cash compositions are featured, "Like the
309" and "I Came to Believe." "Like the 309" is the last song Cash wrote
and, like his first recorded single, 1955's "Hey Porter," is a song
that incorporates one of his favorite settings, trains: "Everybody take a
look/See I'm doin' fine/Then load my box/On the 309." "I Came to
Believe" is a song he wrote and originally recorded earlier in his career,
and addresses the pain of addiction and connecting to a higher power.

"I think that 'American V' may be my favorite of all of the albums in
the American series," said Rubin. "It's different from the others, it
has a much different character. I think that this is as strong an album
as Johnny ever made."

The months following the May, 2004 passing of his wife June Carter
Cash, were among the most physically and emotionally painful times in
Cash's life, but keeping focused on the recording of "American V: A Hundred
Highways" proved to be his salvation. Rubin remembers, "Johnny said
that recording was his main reason for being alive, and I think it was
the only thing that kept him going, the only thing he had to look forward

Cash and Rubin began recording the songs that would find their way onto
"American V: A Hundred Highways" in 2002, specifically on the day
after they finished "American IV: The Man Comes Around" which was released
that November. Johnny feared that "American IV" might be his last
release, so Rubin suggested that he immediately begin writing and recording
new material. Over the next eight months, songs were cut at Rubin's
Los Angeles studio and in Nashville at Johnny's main home and at his
fabled cabin located across the road. Due to Cash's frail health, Rubin
arranged for an engineer and guitar players to always be on call for the
days that Cash felt strong enough to work.

"He always wanted to work," said Rubin. "Every morning when he'd wake
up, he would call the engineer and tell him if he was physically up to
working that day. Our main concern was to get a great vocal
performance. Johnny would record a song, send it to me and I would build a new
track up under it. In the past, at the end of this process, he'd come
to L.A. And we'd go through everything together, he would re-record any
vocal bits that needed re-recording. But this time, we didn't have
that opportunity."

Last year, Rubin began going through these final recordings. He
admitted, "I kind of dreaded doing it, after Johnny passed, going back and
listening to it...it was difficult.

"With all of the albums Johnny and I made together, our goal was for
each one to be the best it could possibly be, and that remained the case
with 'American V,'" Rick explained. Eventually, Cash's long-time
engineer David "Fergie" Ferguson, Heartbreakers Mike Campbell (guitars) and
Benmont Tench (keyboards), and Smokey Hormel (guitars), all of whom had
worked on previous albums in the American series, along with Matt
Sweeney (guitars) and Johnny Polonsky (guitars) went into the studio.

"We felt Johnny's presence during the whole process through to the
end," said Rubin. "It felt like he was directing the proceedings, and I
know that the musicians all felt that as well. Almost all of the songs
were cut solely to Johnny's original vocal tracks, the musicians all
keyed off his voice and were playing to him, supporting the emotion of his
performance. More than once, Fergie and I would look at each other and
say 'Johnny would love this,' because it was so good and so different
from anything we'd done before, we knew he would be excited by what was

It was decided to wait to release "American V: A Hundred Highways"
until the recent Cash hubbub had run its course. What separates this
album from the re-packages, compilations, movie soundtracks and everything
else that has surfaced since Johnny's passing is, according to Rubin,
"These songs are Johnny's final statement. They are the truest
reflection of the music that was central to his life at the time. This is the
music that Johnny wanted us to hear."

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