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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Post Number 100 aka The Sweet Static Update, plus Bob Wiseman

Wish I had something big and special for this post but I don't. So instead I'd thought I'd bring up a couple of things having to do with Sweet Static.

Basically some things going on in the personal life good and bad. Got a new computer thanks to friends at work. This is good since my old computer didn't have a lot of memory, was really slow and not always reliable to work. New computer is the exact opposite; lots of memory, fast, has worked beautifully so far. However all my music is on the other computer and me being computer stupid has to figure out a way to get the stuff from that one to this one.

Add in the fact I'm in the middle of packing/moving not much is being brought forward from my personal collection of music.

So if you're sitting there waiting for the rest of the Neil Young/Bruce Springsteen/REM etc. concert it's going to be a bit, sorry.

I'm also going to start on a Sweet Static FAQ so people can one stop shop for info on the site and why things are like they are here. Also going do some things to try and make it look neater and put up the mp3 blog warnings, which I believe in but haven't put up in writing and other things like personal links and stuff like that in case anyone wants to say hi or make fun of me.

But that's all well and good but people come here for the music and the music I'm bringing.

I've been on a bit of a Bob Wiseman kick lately. For those of you who don't know, he used to be in Canadian alt-country legend Blue Rodeo and recently The Hidden Cameras for a spell. Also he has done a bunch of solo releases. He's also one of the biggest smartasses in music (he tried unsuccessfully to legally change his name to Prince when the purple one went to the symbol).

I remember seeing him live back in Windsor a few years ago. and he sang this great song called "My Cousin Dave". A hilarious song about his attempts to talk to his "cousin" David Geffin (calling a distant relation would be stretching it). I bought the album it was on, 1995's Accidently Acquired Beliefs. However it wasn't the full version. Titled "My cousi-" it goes through the first verse and then a Geffen lawyer's phone call ends the song. Seeing how the album was originally released on Warner you can guess why the song is like that.

Well in 2004 he release It's True on the Blocks Recording Club and on it was the full version of the song. It's really funny and a biting look at corporate music.

The Blocks website has the full version up as a free mp3 so you can go here to get Bob Wiseman-"My Cousin Dave"

To get both version you can get them on this zip file on Rapidshare. The original version was never released as it's own track on the cd, it's tacked on to the end of the lead track "William". So really you're getting 3 songs in the zip.


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