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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Anti-Hit List for May 13

Back with another week of John Sakamoto's Anti-Hit List.

Goint to start with Persephone's Bees out of Oakland. Where as he describes, "...this four-piece band is deeply informed by lead vocalist Angelina Moysov, who apparently grew up in Russia in a house full of gypsy folk music. That background manifests itself here as an arch brand of cocktail music, at once deeply felt and smirkingly ironic." Really catchy song is "Nice Day" which you can hear streamed along with two other songs on their Myspace page.

Next is Phoenix highlighting ths song "Long Distance Call" saying of it, "Not that there's anything remotely punk or even lo-fi about the result. It's more like the kind of bright, bouncing-off-the-walls energy displayed by a 10-year-old who's been cooped up in his room for a week with the flu." A fun, catchy song. You can stream it on Myspace along with three other songs.

Next comes Slow Runner. They released an album earlier this year but it's now just getting a release in Canada. Immediately drew my attention from this quote, "this is smart, accomplished, piano-based pop that wouldn't sound out of place sandwiched between Aqualung and Ben Folds"

You can download three songs from their Myspace page. They are

"You're In Luck"
"Break Your Mother's Back"

Also sounding good is Tommy Keene He has a project coming up with Robert Pollard who Sakamoto hopes will give Keene more notice saying, "If there's one singer-songwriter whose music boasts all the hallmarks of great pop music except the popularity part, it is this stalwart." There are two songs from his latest album available to download from his site.

"Warren In The '60s"
"Lives Become Lies"

Lastly is an Australian band, Augie March. Focusing on the song "One Crowded Hour" caling writer Glenn Richards one of the wittiest working today and as a whole the band "...sounds more than ever like a bunch of guys who a) could've formed in 2006 or 1976 or even 1966 and b) couldn't care less about making it on this continent."

Three songs to stream on their Myspace page and also a download of an exclusive Myspace song. Not sure if it's the official title but it's listed as "Middle Of The Road..."

Here's the video for "One Crowded Hour" as well.

The rest of the List this week features Aqualung, a couple of mashes and a Rolling Stones cover. You can read the whole list for yourself right here.


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