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Yes, another mp3 blog. Trying to share what I like with the world. The music here is for sampling only and are up for a limited time. It's simple really you see. If you like the music then go out and support the artists. Buy a cd/mp3/eight track, make a request on radio, see them live, tell others about it. This way this wonderful medium hopefully won't be stomped on.

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Sweet Static is an mp3 blog that allows me to share the music I love and also to point out other cool things around the internet that catch my attention. It is also a place where I can talk about my radio show by the same name, now on Thursday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on CJAM 91.5 FM in Windsor, Ontario. Got something I should hear? Email me at sweetstatic @ gmail.com. All comments left here are emailed to my inbox, so you can get a hold of me that way also. You can also follow the show/me on twitter at sweetstaticcjam.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Zunior's New Free Compilation Now Available

Here is the newest feee compilation from Zunior. I must say I'm not familiar with much on here. I do really like the new Andy Swan album and the song on the compilation is a good one. Here's the full track listing.

1 Raised By Wolves - The Cansecos Juices! Upper Class Recordings
2 Little Girl - Death From Above 1979 You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Last Gang Records
3 Brian Jones - Andy Swan Ottawa Kelp Records
4 Stay Calm - The Unintended The Unintended Blue Fog Recordings
5 Lover Don't You Lie - Tricky Woo First Blush Last Gang Records
6 The Vulture - The Hunting Horns Songs from the Iron Range The Hunting Horns
7 Tune Into You - Nifty A Sparrow! A Sparrow! Blocks Recording Club
8 Pale Frail Lovely One - Outrageous Cherry Outrageous Cherry Scratch Records
9 Higher the Hair - The Art Department The Art Department The Art Department
10 The World's Slowest Man - Nordic Nomadic Nordic Nomadic Blue Fog

For details on how to get the new Zunior compilation go here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Top Detroit Songs Of All Time

One of my favorite local reads is Detroit's The Metro Times. It's the weekly alternative paper for the area. Anyways this week they had an interesting story. The top 100 Detroit songs of all time.

This here is the top ten.

1 "What's Going On" Marvin Gaye (Tamla) 1971
2 "Living for the City" Stevie Wonder (Tamla) 1973
3 "96 Tears" Question Mark & the Mysterians (Cameo) 1966
4 "No Fun" The Stooges (Elektra) 1969
5 "Boogie Chillen" John Lee Hooker (Modern) 1948
6 "Runaway" Del Shannon (Big Top) 1961
7 "I'm Eighteen" Alice Cooper (Warner Bros.) 1971
8 "Will You, Won't You, Be My Babe" McKinney's Cotton Pickers (Victor) 1929
9 "Love Child" The Supremes (Motown) 1968
10 "Kick Out the Jams" The MC5 (Elektra) 1969

For the entire list and reasonings go here.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Revisiting Feist's Monarch aka Post 504

It has been a week since I started things up again and so far so good. A funny thing happened though when I was doing a post and had realized that I had passed post number 500. I'm kind of stunned that I've kept this up for that long. Usually I get distracted or tired of it and give up things, which has happened a couple of times. Yet somehow I keep coming back and posting.

So in honour of reaching 500 posts I've decided to go back to the well with what has easily been my most popular post. Back in April of 2006 I did a post with three songs from Feist's debut album Monarch. I also passed a full copy of the album over to Heather at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends and she put it up. Her links are no longer up and I've gotten a couple of requests for it since then and since the album is still not available commercially I thought I'd put it up again.

So as usual, on the link below is a zipped copy of it from Rapidshare.

To get Feist's Monach go here.

Hope you enjoy.


Sweet Static Playlist For November 23

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as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog (link on the mp3)

Badly Drawn Boy title track from Have You Fed The Fish?
The Fiery Furnaces-My Egyptian Grammar from Widow City *
The Arcade Fire-Intervention from Neon Bible cc
The Acorn-Plateau Ramble from Glory Hope Mountain cc *
The Silt-No Twig from Cat's Peak cc
Iron & Wine-Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car from The Shepherd's Dog *
Band Of Horses-Is There A Ghost from Cease To Begin *
The Magnetic Fields-Three-Way from Stereogum mp3
Cool Blue Halo-Too Much Kathleen from Kangaroo cc
The Bicycles-Gotta Get Out from The Good The Bad And The Cuddly cc
Hayden-Where And When from Stereogum cc mp3
Rogue Wave-Lake Michigan from Asleep At Heaven's Gate *
Neko Case-Buckets Of Rain from Live From Austin, TX
Andy Swan-Brian Jones from Ottawa cc *
Sunparlour Players-Talk It To Death from Hymns For The Happy cc * r
Megan Hamilton-Detroit from How We Think About Light cc
The Barmitzvah Brothers-Denti-tech from Let's Express Our Motives cc *
Beirut-A Sunday Smile from The Flying Club Cup *
Joy Zipper-Wave Of Mutilation from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends mp3
Sonic Youth-Superstar from If I Were A Carpenter
Black Mountain-Tyrants from Pitchfork mp3 cc
The Two-Minute Miracles-Freeloading Is Hot from Volume IV: The Lions Of Love cc *
Blasternaut-Tonight from Overload cc
Christine Fellows-What Makes The Cherry Red from Nevertheless cc *


Interview With Joan Jett

A couple of days ago I posted about The Hour and Operation Disc Dropi. I've been really watching the hour and have enjoyed some of the interviews. This week they're in rerun so I get to see one with Joan Jett. Some really good stuff in it. and in checking out the website for the above mentioned post I saw that a lot of the interviews they have are up on the site. So I thought I'd put the link up here.

To watch The Hour's interview with Joan Jett go here.

They showed clips of the video for her cover of The Replacements' "Androgynous" so I thought I'd throw that up as well.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Hour's Disc Drop

I've been a big fan of CBC's The Hour since it started. For those of you who don't know, ie. not in Canada, it's a nightly current events show hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos.

Last week on the show he did an excellent interview with Ani DiFranco but before he mentioned the recent closing up here in Canada of Music World and the sad decline of the record store, especially as a social place to discuss music. So he came up with Operation Disc Drop. Basic idea is to make up a mix CD. Leave a track listing. Label it as part of The Hour's Disc Drop, with the URL and hope someone enjoys it.

I'm going to make one and I'll post the results here when I get to it the next few days.

For full details on Operation Disc Drop go here.

Monday, November 19, 2007

What's Your Favorite Cover

Got a message from the great Berkeley Place pointing out a poll he's running over there. He's trying to get a consensus of the best covers of the century so far. I guess that my headline for this entry is misleading (favorite as opposed to best)

So he's got some rules.

1. The song must be a recognizable cover (in other words, although Bruce Springsteen wrote “Light of Day,” he did it for Joan Jett, so neither of them could really have “covered” the song).

2. It must have come out after January 1, 2000.

3. It can be a live cover or a studio one, whatever you like.

There's also some prizes, so get going and work on your list. No deadline set up but I'd guess a week or so. I'm going to put some thought into this and I'll post my list up here in the next couple of days.

For full details head over here to Berkeley Place.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sweet Static Update

Yeah another one of these update things from when I let it slide. No excuse honestly, I just didn't feel like keeping it going. The stupid thing is that the last couple of months has been incredible. I've seen The Most Serene Republic, Peter Elkas, Rock Plaza Central, The Acorn, The Golden Dogs, The Pack, Young Rival, Neil Young and many others. Plus I've been falling in love with the new albums from The Two-Minute Miracles, The Acorn and The Barmitzvah Brothers among others.

Bottom line is I'm going to try and get this going again. No promises, no big plans for the future, just trying to spread the word on the music that I'm in to at the moment.


Zunior's Latest Free Compilation

Zunior's latest sampler is online. Some stuff I'm not really familiar with but will vouch for The New Pornographers and Orillia Opry. Here's the full list.

1 Precious Days - Drug Dog Holy Hell Drug Dog
2 My Rights Versus Yours - The New Pornographers Challengers Last Gang Records
3 On and Off - Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton Knives Don't Have Your Back Last Gang Records
4 Purple Oil-Slick Parade - Fall Horsie From the Seam of Doors, a Cone of Light Youth Club Records
5 Breakdance Hunx (Market Value Mix) - Kids On TV Mixing Business with Pleasure Blocks Music
6 California - Laura Borealis Laura EP Laura Borealis
7 Stay Too Long - The Museum Pieces City of Brotherly Love Youth Club Records
8 I Lied - Orillia Opry Lighthouse for Stragglers' Eyes Ships At Night
9 Hang Me, Oh Hang Me - The Deep Dark Woods Hang Me, Oh Hang Me Black Hen Music
10 Bushels - Frog Eyes Tears of the Valedictorian Scratch Music

For full details on how to get this go here.

Sweet Static Playlist For November 16

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

New and improved broadband stream from the station, as well as the original lo-fi stream.

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.php with a new, easier to navigate layout.

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog (link on the mp3)

Keep On Looking-Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings from 100 Days 100 Nights *
Heaven Is For Easy Girls-The Awkward Stage from Heaven Is For Easy Girls cc
Video Killed The Radio Star-Ben Folds Five from Whatever And Ever Amen [Bonus Tracks]
Bizarre Love Triangle-Frente! from Marvin The Album
Poppysong-Mollys Reach from Hi-Fi And Stereo cc
The Lions of Love-The Two-Minute Miracles from Volume IV: The Lions Of Love cc *
The Minus Ball-The Two-Minute Miracles from Volume IV: The Lions Of Love cc *
Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand-The Detroit Cobras from Baby
Burned-Neil Young from Decade [Disc 1] cc
Love Is A Rose-Neil Young from Decade [Disc 2] cc
Heading Out West-Alun Piggins from Balladesque cc
Ugly Way To Lose-Mr. Chill & The Witnesses from Cold Testament cc
Back of the Lot-Elliott Brood from Ambassador cc
Arnold Layne-Kevin Kane from How To Build a Lighthouse cc *
If You Don't Believe Me-Nathan Lawr And The Minotaurs from A Sea Of Tiny Lights cc
Sign Erector-Barmitzvah Brothers from Let's Express Our Motives cc *
Traffic Technician-Barmitzvah Brothers from Let's Express Our Motives cc *
Vous Êtes Une Province (Nous Sommes Une Nation)-Rhume from Jeu De Puissance cc
The Mariner's Revenge Song-The Decemberists from Picaresque
Chillout Tent-The Hold Steady from Boys And Girls In America
We Saw Ghosts-Spiral Beach from Ball cc *
Romantic Comedy-Stars from Heart cc
Natural Disaster-Joel Plaskett Emergency from LaDeDa cc
No Sissies-Hawksley Workman from For Him And The Girls cc


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