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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Back in black aka around the Blogs

No AC-DC here. Just using the song to try and get things going again. A little sick plus new computer is lack of posting. But here goes with some stuff I've been digging on other excellent blogs these last few days.

We'll start out at The Rich Girls Are Weeping with a post of music from Sesame Street. Really fun stuff including Johnny Cash and The Pointer Sisters. Definitely worth checking out so go here.

Up next Myself Myself has good quality versions of the new Radiohead songs that got debuted last week live in London (but just Thom and Johnny). Intesting stuff to check out so go here.

Trees Lounge continues it's mp3 trek across America this time back with Michigan and Maryland.

I Rock Cleveland brings individual tracks of Flaming Lips on NPR's World Cafe. Haven't had a chance to listen to them yet but I'm slow. Here's the link for the enitre post.

I'm not sure how I missed this blog in the first place, I saw the name but never got around to checking it out and now I'm kicking myself for taking so long. What Would Jeses Blog is an amazing idea and lots of fun to read. On this important post from the son of God we find out that he loves Bruce Springsteen and posts a bunch of live tracks from his Seeger Sessions band. So see what Jesus has to say about it here.

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends had an amazing run of new music last week. Included are new music from The Replacements and Soul Asylum. Plus her Monday Music Roundup is one of my favorite reads every week.

A site I forgot to check out is the Bootlog site but it's always had a lot of great live stuff and this post is no exception. The Weakerthans and Sarah Harmer together live for CBC. Two sets of each band playing stuff and some team ups as well. Fifteen songs I'm sure are worth getting (once again haven't got a chance to listen yet). Beat me to the punch and grab it here.

Last but not least another favorite Rbally had some problems last week but is back and with a vengence. Lots of of new stuff including a Sonic Youth radio show from Paris.

Ok stopping now. Hopefully some more Feist stuff this week including a rare old track a band of her's from Calgary, Placebo 4 and some By Divine Right influenced by a post on Clever Titles Are So Last Summer on the band.


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