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Friday, March 31, 2006

More random goodness

On my way out to see The Old Soul as I talked about yesteray but wanted to say a couple of random things.

-Chart Magazine has an interview with The Flaming Lips for their upcoming show in Toronto. I only listened to the new album once but I liked it. Looking forward to getting it this week.
-Spent the last week obsessively watching Sports Night on dvd. Picked it up last weekend and so far I've watched 3 full discs in about 4 sittings. The show is about the behind the scenes of a TV sports show. I watched it when it came out but not religiously. It's so good though highly addictive which is bad.
-Once again The Office has shown why it's such an amazing show. I guess on last night's show they had a bunch of those PSA's but on real life things, like lipstick, what to do if a bear attacks and more. You can check out the videos here. Like those dopey "Now you know..." things they have. I know Conan has made fun of these for years but these are great.

Also the character of Dwight has a blog.
-In honor of great TV shows, from Freaks & Geeks here's Jason Segal (now on How I Met My Wife) with "Lady L". Basically a song to the girl who broke his heart but written by a good hearted psycho. The song is of course on Rapidshare.

Well that's it for today. Back tomorrow with a report on the show and The Anti-Hit List.


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