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Monday, September 18, 2006

Updated P.A. Music Festival Line-Up

Well almost all the bands are now announced for the P.A. Music Festival, that will be taking place September 28-30 in Windsor, Ontario. Previously I posted the line-up for Phog and this weekend I found out that The Avalon Front line-up had been put up on the Phog Blog.

The Riderless
Henri Faberge and The Adorables
Sunparlour Players
Measured In Angles
The Locusts Have No King
Raised By Swans
Fjord Rowboat
Friday Morning's Regret
The Coast
The Golden Dogs

No times or dates yet. I'll be honest I saw them this weekend when I was at Phog but didn't write them down.

More updates to come when I get them.

To read the whole post on the updated line-up from the Phog Blog go here.


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