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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drive-By Truckers Update

Not really much new here, but in Patterson Hood's latest update for the Truckers gives a nice retrospective on September 11 and on their greatest album (in my opinion) Southern Rock Opera.

From their email update...


It was five years ago today that we first released SOUTHERN ROCK OPERA.
September 12, 2001 was the second worst day imaginable to release a
project that we had all worked 6 1/2 years on and all of us feared that
it was all some kind of terrible oman. Wednesday's, of course are never
release days, as the industry ALWAYS releases albums on tuesdays,
however at that point in our lives, there was no industry. We had
showcased at SXSW before a sold out crowd, previewing our then almost
completed magnum opus before a sold out crowd of industry fucks to no
real avail. Folks kept coming up to us wishing us well and telling us
how much they liked it, but no one was making any offers of any kind. A
month or so later, we received our only bid, and it was so horrifyingly
bad, that upon doing the math, I realized that we would be bankrupt
within a year if we took it. (At that time all of our income was based
on merch sales and the wording of that offer combined with the high
wholesale price we would have paid, rendered that impossible). We
turned the offer down and set out to find a way to put it out

While raising the money from private investors (all of whom we promised
to pay back in a little over a years time plus 15%) I also booked our
fall tour, 75 shows in 90 days. The first booking was to be in
Murfreesboro TN on Wednesday September 12th. We were hoping to have the
CDs pressed, artwork printed and all of the package put together in
time. My sister took the artwork that Wes Freed did, compiled it with
the art of the other contributors (Felicia Graham, Patrick Hood, Byron
Wilkes AKA Rev. Rex Ubu, Jeff Owens, and Kathleen Judge), designed the
package and hired the printers and the folks who actually put the discs
in the cover and shrink wrap them. On monday the 10th, Lilla called me
to tell me I could pick them up in Birmingham on Wednesday.

On Tuesday the 11th,, we were all glued to the TV all day like most
Americans, terrified of what was happening and trying to reach friends
in NYC to make sure they were all OK. The next day we had to decide
whether there would be a show or not. The club informed us that they
would be open regardless, as folks were starting to come out for a much
needed drink and diversion. I think we were all feeling the same way,
so we headed north and spent the next three months or so touring the
eastern half of our beautiful shellshocked country.

Its been five years, three more albums and countless tours since then.
We leave this Thursday for the fall leg of our latest tour. The band
has never played better (or even as well) as right now and this one is
putting us in some amazing great rooms in some of our favorite towns.

Tonight, I will get to warm up with a set of REM covers at at local
tribute / benefit for Community Connection. The show is sold out, and
with rumors abounding of some of Athens finest showing up, I have to
admit to a few nerves. (I don't mean the Police Department).

In early October, during our week off, I am playing two solo shows with
all proceeds going to MUSICKFEST BENEFIT.
( http://www.myspace.com/musickfest). Our good friend Wendy Musick plays
guitar with Southern Bitch and Kimberly Morgan and the Everlovin Band.
During an emergency appendectomy this summer, it was discovered that
Wendy had a lemon sized tumor on her pancreas. Wendy is a very talented
musician, sound engineer, and a very dear friend who, like the majority
of Americans nowadays, has no health insurance, which can easily
translate to "shit out of luck" in the bottom line obsessed healthcare
industry. The shows are on Thursday October 5th at 40 Watt Club and
Friday October 6th at Nuci's Space (both in Athens GA). In addition to
the shows, there will also be an art auction at Flicker Theatre
(opening reception Wednesday October 27th). The response from local
artists has been incredible (everyone asked has said yes and donations
are already coming in) and the art work I have seen so far is just
truly amazing. Wendy is very loved in this community, and anyone who
has ever met her knows exactly why, as she is truly one of the most
special people I have ever met. Please visit the myspace site and read
more about this event and the updates on Wendy's situation.

DBT will be announcing our annual NUCI'S SPACE BENEFIT in the next
couple of weeks. (Word is already leaking, but I'm still ironing out a
few last details before making official announcement).

I hope to be posting some writings here, as well as keeping a blog for

Talk to you soon.
Have a great and safe fall and see you at The Rock Show.
Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers

Now from Youtube some live Drive-By Truckers from Southern Rock Opera too enjoy. Here is "Dead, Drunk And Naked"


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