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Monday, September 11, 2006


I was going to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends today to check out the excellent Monday wrap-up Heather does and came across her excellent tribute to the events of today. There's not much anyone can say but their own personal experience with it and here's mine.

The thing I remember most was how surreal it was for me. I was in the middle of doing my old radio show. We had a stereo in the station lobby and I noticed that someone had changed the station. I went out there and told them that they can't do that and they told me that something was happening in New York.

So I put the next song on and went back out to try and hear what was going on. So I get some kind of idea (bad but not even close to the scale that it was) and I was talking to a friend online. Trying to find any type of news on any website to find out more. Every type of news outlet was flooded and wouldn't load up.

I finished my show. Went to the pub on campus and then just began to get the scope of what was going on. I remember the silence. Tons of people just sitting around watching CNN.

In a statement that is both ineloquent and also understated; it's still the most fucked up thing I've ever seen in my life and hope to ever see.

I Am Fuel sums it up much better then me and so I encourage you to read her take on it and some of the musical response to it here.

Although I'll share with you the highlight of the post for me, Bruce Springsteen's version of "My City Of Ruins" from the tribute special. Today is the first time I've seen it since it's original airing and I've watched it a few times today and it gives me chills everytime. Thank goodness for YouTube so that moments like these can live on.


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