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Monday, April 17, 2006

quick Neil Young update

For a good collection of info on the upcoming Neil Young album, Living With War, I'd check out Thrasher's Wheat, a blog of Neil Young news. Seems like there are three groups of people...

1-Those who think it's great
2-Those who think it's horrible (like when Springsteen was stumping for Kerry)
3-Those who think it's a hoax (but of course it isn't)

Check out the article here.

Also check out this article with comments from former Reprise Records head Howie Klein.

Also the official Neil Young website has a ticker going with info including lyrics to one of the songs and details of the album, calling it "Metal Folk Protest" whatever that means.

They are saying six to eight weeks. I'm really looking forward to this one.

Now go and download the cover of "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere" by the Rheostatics and Bourbon Tabernacle Choir that I posted yesterday.

Anti-Hit List and Zunior's free download of the week coming later today.


Anonymous Phil said...

He's from the north
Has never sat on a Southern man's porch

We'll have to deal with the froth and the bait
as we wait
for his debate

But hither and thither;
is no reason
We sit here wondering aloud
Is it Treason?

Oh poor Neil stuck in the 60's
Oh poor Neil at 60
Looking for one last hurrah
To hang his hat on from a far

Tisk, tisk Mr. Can man from the north
Wish we could wisk you…
Dis you…

But, alas I have no stage
No lackeys too page
No cash or Asses too burn
I have to work for a livin and earn
listin to your disin about my girl
Almost causes me to hurl.

Tisk, tisk Mr. Can man from the north.
You feel the sands of time ebbin away?
Wishin for one last day?

You are not Peter Pan man.
Not James Kirk.
Not even close to Kurt.

So stop your disin
For you will always be stuck in a rut
Wishin for the 60’s at 60

God bless my Girl!

3:48 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

You see the wonderful thing is that we can agree to disagree. You have your beliefs, I have mine and they obviously don't match.

However I don't think Neil's Canadian origin should disqualify him from making statements on America since he's spent the better part of 40+ years living there.

Thanks for stopping by.

4:35 PM  

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