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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Radio review and random thoughts

So when I'm tired I do crazy stuff like hit enter after just typing in my title, so hopefully you didn't click on this when I'm actually writing this out.

So I did my radio show today. Went pretty well. Played a lot of new stuff.

-My favorite song title of the show-"Acoustic Guitar Phase" by Barzin
-My favorite repeat song (that I tend to play often)-The Hidden Cameras' "Ban Marriage"
-My favorite new song-Drive-By Truckers' cover of "Hey Ya!"

Other stuff that pleased me
-Playing The Flaming Lips' "Thank You Jack White For the Fibre-Optic Jesus that you Gave Me". Goofy song that I really like.
-Th' Legendary Shack Shakers didn't really do much for me. I'll probably give them another chance in the next couple of weeks.
-Someone called to ask about the Nathan Coles Outfit, from Guelph, when I played them. That made me happy. A friend of mine drums for them and was able to tell the guy that they're playing a show here in a couple of weeks. I really want them to do well.
-I also really liked the Destroyer song I played, "Your Blood" I really like his songs with the New Pornographers but my all time favorite Dan Bejar song is from 2000's Thief "Destroyer's The Temple" Which you can check out here for yourself.

Just a couple of other random music thoughts
-I heard Sonic Youth and Flaming Lips are touring together this summer. That would be sweet.
-Canadian Music Week just finished up in Toronto. Chart Magazine has chimed in with their annual report cards of the bands their writers saw. Always an interesting read even if it always isn't fair since part of the "grades" are based on fashion.
-Berkeleyplace has a most excellent tribute to one of the best, "Drive-By Truckers, A-Z" with tons of downloads, all live including some sweet covers.
-Muzzle of Bees has a contest to win an autographed vinyl copy of Rogue Wave's latest album. Just come up with your favorite Arrested Development quote. Damn hard to pick just one...

And with that I am off to bed (and to watch some Arrested Development to get my quote)


Blogger heather said...

Hey, Drive By Truckers Hey Ya sounds interesting, where'd you find it? Wanna share? :)

7:20 PM  

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