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Saturday, January 13, 2007

#300 The Sweet Static Baker's Dozen: Best Of 2006 Mix

Post 300.

When I started Sweet Static in March of last year I didn't know what to expect. Just that around that time I started to really get into mp3 blogs and thought that I could do that myself. For the most part I think I have done that. Sure my mp3 blog may not have stuff like pictures or direct downloads (I'm technically inept for those just joining me) but I like what goes on here. Yeah it can get better but I like to think that it already has and will continue to.

Anyways I'd like to thank those who've checked it out and the other blogs that have linked to me, my friends that have checked it out and offered advice and support and lastly CJAM for giving me a home.

Now onto the real meat of the post, the Mix. My first ever big mix that I've posted. It's the songs that I played on the radio edition of Sweet Static yesterday. As always the songs are together as a zip file on Rapidshare.

The full list of songs is are

Number 13-Malajube-Trompe-L'Oeil (Dare To Care) cc
-Fille A Plumes

12-Centro-Matic-Fort Recovery (Misra)
-Calling Thermetico

11-Henri Faberge & The Adorables-Self-Titled (indie) cc
-Ventriloquist Love

10-The Avett Brothers-Four Thieves Gone (Ramseur)
-Talk On Indolence

9-The Decemberists-The Crane Wife (Capitol) *
-Sons & Daughters

8-Band Of Horses-Everything All The Time (Sub Pop)
-The Great Salt Lake

7-The Bicycles-The Good The Bad The Cuddly (Fozzy Logic) cc
-Two Girls From Montreal

6-Gnarls Barkley-St. Elsewhere (Warner)
-Gone Daddy Gone

5-Bruce Springsteen-We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (Capitol)
-Mrs. McGrath

4-Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins-Rabbit Fur Coat (Team Love)
-Run Devil Run
-The Big Guns

3-Rock Plaza Central-Are We Not Horses? (Indie) cc *
-My Children, Be Joyful
-We've Got A Lot To Be Glad For

2-The Barmitzvah Brothers-The Century Of Invention (Permafrost) cc
-Wake Up
-New Orleans

Favorite Live Show I Saw-The Flaming Lips/Sonic Youth/The Go! Team
-Free Radicals from At War With The Mystics (Warner-2006)

1-The Hold Steady-Boys And Girls In America (Vagrant)
-Chips Ahoy
-Southtown Girls

To download the Sweet Static Baker's Dozen: Best Of 2006 Mix go here.

Thanks and that's all for today.



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