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Yes, another mp3 blog. Trying to share what I like with the world. The music here is for sampling only and are up for a limited time. It's simple really you see. If you like the music then go out and support the artists. Buy a cd/mp3/eight track, make a request on radio, see them live, tell others about it. This way this wonderful medium hopefully won't be stomped on.

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Sweet Static is an mp3 blog that allows me to share the music I love and also to point out other cool things around the internet that catch my attention. It is also a place where I can talk about my radio show by the same name, now on Thursday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on CJAM 91.5 FM in Windsor, Ontario. Got something I should hear? Email me at sweetstatic @ gmail.com. All comments left here are emailed to my inbox, so you can get a hold of me that way also. You can also follow the show/me on twitter at sweetstaticcjam.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sweet Static Playlist 7/7

You can listen to Sweet Static, every Friday from 10:30am to noon on 91.5 FM in Windsor/Detroit. Or you can tune in on the internet at
-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

New and improved broadband stream from the station, as well as the original lo-fi stream.

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.php with a new, easier to navigate layout.

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog

feist-inside+out (apostle of hustle unmix) from open season (arts & crafts/2006) cc *
ani difranco-shameless from live from 6a: conan o'brien (mercury-1997)
gordon downie-steeplechase from battle of the nudes (maple-2003) cc
tom waits-filipino box spring hog from mule variations (anti-1999)
whale-hobo humpin' slobo babe from we care (virgin-1995)
wilco-monday from being there (reprise-1996)
tim o'reagan-that's the game from self-titled cd (lost highway-2006) *
golden smog-corvette from anoth er fie day (lost highway-2006)
final fantasy-fantasy (live at phog lounge, windsor) cc mp3
final fantasy title track from he poos clouds (blocks-2006) cc *
mission of burma-the mute speaks out from the obliterati (matador-2006) *
broken social scene-7/4 (shoreline) from self-titled album (arts & crafts-2005) cc mp3 (video only)
guided by voices-chasing heather crazy from human amusements at hourly rates: the best of (matador-2003)
rheostatics-four little songs from the blue hysteria (drog-1996) cc
drive-by truckers-hey ya! (live in san francisco 2004/2/15) mp3
pearl jam w/victoria williams-crazy mary (live/1993) mp3
bruce springsteen-froggie went a courtin' from we shall overcome: the seeger sessions (columbia-2006) *
rae spoon-yonge street from white hearse comes rolling (indie-2006) cc *
orillia opry-poison house from pandion haliaetus (ships at night-2006) cc *
detective kalita-waking up is hard to do from the michael parks (kelp-2006) cc *


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