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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rheostatics Future Uncertain

Well anyone who knows me knows that the Rheostatics are my favorite band of all time. Unfortunately for us fans the future of the band is uncertain.

To be honest a friend tipped me off a few weeks ago that there was trouble in the band but I kept it to myself. However this week, first on the Rheostatics email list Fish Mailin' and then today in an article in the Halifax Chronicle Herald more details came out.

On the email list is was reported that guitarist Martin Tielli at a show last week said, "so the Rheostatics are dead" Which brought around a lot of people saying that they had heard rumors.

Then came the article today with the first official confirmation in print. In the article Dave Bidini confirmed that long time member Tim Vesely had left the band (presumably to continue on with his project The Violet Archers). Bidini was speaking to the paper to publicize a solo show he is doing for his future book, "Around The World In 80 Gigs"

He and Martin are working on music for a play, along with former founding Rheo Dave Clark. As for the future, it's up in the air according to Bidini.

"We’re still thinking about what our next move is going to be, in terms of replacing Tim, or what the band will end up morphing into. Martin and I decided to just take the summer and see how we feel at the end of it. I think we know that we want to do something together in some capacity. And we all believe in The Rheostatics, what it represents and what it means and the legacy and all that stuff, but we’re both spending our summers driving and thinking; that’s how we’re going to cope with it.

"It’s a strange thing with us, because Tim is such a vital part of the band — I’ve been playing with him since Grade 7 — and there’s that alchemy thing that I thought we have, which is so rare in a band. When you remove that, we don’t really know what it’ll be, or whether it’ll be The Rheostatics, but we’re still left with two songwriters, and two people are committed to the band. It’s all very confusing, but I think at the end of it we’ll emerge strong and focused."

To read the entire article you can go here.

Check out their video for "The Tarleks" featuring Frank Bonner of WKRP.

You can also stream a couple of songs on their Myspace page.

You can also get a taste of The Violet Archers from their website.

The Violet Archers-"First The Wheel"

Personal feelings on this are mixed. One the one hand it kind of sucks as a fan. On the other hand I really can't complain about anything. They had a good run of 20 plus years and they'll continue making music. Whether it will be together or not is the question. Be interesting to see what comes out of this.

Someday I'll do a post going over the Rheos for those who aren't very familiar with them.


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