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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Drive-By Truckers Update

Been awhile since I posted anything on the Truckers and after I got the latest email from the band I thought I'd post what Patterson Hood has to say about touring with The Black Crowes, what he's been into on the road and what's up for the band in the near future.

With that here you go...

DISPATCH FROM THE ROAD: July 23 2006 - Boston

Greetings from Boston (or actually the back parking lot of some amphitheater somewhere outside of Boston).
Tour is going fine and dandy.
Homesick for my family (we all are) as we're weeks past our 3 week law with a few more left to go.
The tour is going well for us, in that we've covered a lot of ground, some familiar and some new, everyone has been super nice to us.
The Black Crowes band and crew couldn't be a more swell bunch of folks and we've been shown hospitality at every turn.
We play 40 minute (rigidly timed) set, early as hell as a very sober audience walks into the arena.
Not exactly rockstarshit, but it beats sacking groceries and waiting tables (two jobs I'm only barely qualified to do, but have done for years at times).
It's made us a tighter band than ever and our upcoming fall tour will be the payoff for all this pent up ROCK.
(Richmond and DC last weekend gave us a glimpse of what lye ahead).

FALL TOUR is about to be announced (if it hasn't already).
I know it will involve shows (a long time in coming) with our good friend BOBBY BARE JR.
We've played together occasionally in the past and I've long been a big fan and look forward to some hang time.
(Congratulations on the beautiful new addition to your family Bobby).
I also hear it will involve some long awaited dates with our very close friends THE DRAMS.
Three of those guys were in Slobberbone, whose history has been so tangled with ours since our beginnings.
The new band is even better and their new album is out any day now. A fine fucking album and a must have for discerning fans of well written well played Rock and Roll.

Otherwise I've been keeping myself busy writing for several different projects.

Wading through the Rockin' Bones Box Set of 50's punk which is already my favorite new box set since the fabulous Faces set 2 years ago.
Watching the Dylan No Direction Home documentary, reading the Conversations With Tom Petty book (looking forward to his new album tuesday),
watching the news and frothing at the mouth at the tragic absurdity that passes for world policy,
Watching PJ Harvey DVD, Network, We Jam Econo (Minutemen Doc. DVD), and Looney Tunes Golden Collection Vol 2.
Also read Phillip Roth's Everyman, which is the finest fiction I've read this year. A beautiful and haunting book.

Still digging The Gnarles Barkley, on a big Bowie Alladin Sane kick, Neko Case's new album (my favorite so far this year along with Centro-Matic's latest). and loving the new album by a Nashville band called Glossary.
Watch out for them.

Neil Young selected Jason's song Dress Blues to be placed on his website .
I think its the finest song Jason has written yet and probably my favorite song this year.

World of Hurt is #1 on Rolling Stone.com
I'm not quite sure what that means, but I'm happy for that song to get noticed, as I probably feel stronger about that one than anything I've written since The Living Bubba. I think its a hit whether it sells or not, but what do I know?

We're close to announcing a massive Nuci's Space Benefit for late in the year.
They are our #1 cause and pet local charity. If you're not familiar with them or what they do check out http://www.nuci.org/ and see for yourself.
What they are trying to do in Athens GA should serve as a prototype for something that should spring up in every town with a music or arts scene.

THANKS again to everyone out there who has come early to catch our sets. Thanks to our friends back home for providing so much moral support and help for our families.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
Patterson Hood
Drive-By truckers

It's great to hear that the band will be touring on their own in the fall. The chance to see them in a sweaty club for two plus hours it what I've been waiting for.

Also gives me a chance to post the cover of them playing "Hey Ya!" thanks to archive.org.

Drive-By Truckers-"Hey Ya!"


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