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Monday, June 26, 2006

Zunior Free Download Of The Week

This week's free download from Zunior is from Guelph's Calyx. A band with lots of sweet lineage with it's members being in or formerly in such bands as The Barmitzvah Brothers, Nathan Coles Outfit, Black Cabbage, Corduroy Leda and The Neutron Stars, among others.

They have a new album out that's self-titled. From their bio...

"The band’s impassioned performances begin and end with the deceptively shy Hobbs. Her voice is a wonder, containing the angst and elegance of P.J. Harvey, Sinéad O’Connor, Kim Deal, and David Bowie. It’s the perfect instrument to convey her cryptic, emotionally charged lyrics, which she delivers with the aid of some crunchy guitar tone and charged up power chords."

Calyx-"Try Again"

You can also check out a couple of more tracks from the Calyx website

Calyx-"Pale Mouth"

Definitely recommended to check out.


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