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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tupelo Blue Whiskey playlist 3/14

Here is this week's playlist. Some thoughts later.

you can listen to tupelo blue whiskey, every tuesday from 8am to 10am on 91.5 fm in windsor/detroit. or on the internet at cjam.ca under the archives section.

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation

the avett brothers-famous flower of manhattan from four thieves gone (ramseur-2006) *
craig cardiff-albion hotel from happy cc
-nicolai dunger-white wild horses from you can have it...I don't want it anymore/yours 4-ever (zoe/rounder-2006) *
bobby bare-shine on harvest moon from the moon was blue (dualtone-2005) *
pink mountaintops-lord, let us shine from axis of evol (jajjaguwar-2006) cc *
destroyer-sick priest learns to last forever from destroyers' rubies (merge-2006) cc *
the dears-summer of protest from protest ep (ace fu-2004) cc
fembots-the transit song from small town murder scene (indie-2002) cc
josh rouse-jersey clowns from subtitulo (bedroom classics-2006) *
centro-matic-calling thermatico from fort recovery (misra-2006) *
drive-by truckers-uncle frank from pizza deliverance reissue (new west-2005)
nathan coles outfit-where we're from from twelve upheavals that brought the redwoods to flight (indie-2005) cc
neko case from fox confessor brings the flood
-margaret vs. pauline
-star witness
-hold on, hold on
-a widow's toast
jenny lewis w-the watson twins title track from rabbit fur coat (team love-2006) *
the buttless chaps-the poacher from where night holds light (mint-2006) cc *
feist-mushaboom (postal service remix) cc
fembots from the city (paper bag-2005) cc
-up from the ditches
-the city
ben folds title track from rockin' the subburbs (epic-2001)
farm fresh-30 in the club from time is running out (peanuts & corn-2005) cc
the rentals-friend of p live from friend of p promo single (maverick-1995)
isobel campbell and mark lanegan-ramblinman from balld of the broken seas (v2-2006) *
nathan coles outfit-I watch from twelve upheavals that brought the redwoods to flight (indie-2005) cc
the barmitzvah brothers-hollow time of night from the century of invention (permafrost-2006) cc *
cadence weapon-lisa's spider from breaking kayfabe (upper class-2005) cc *


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