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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Zunior download of the week/Hillside 2006

Well back again with the Zunior free download of the week.

This time it's a band from Vancouver called Windows '78 (imagine what that operating system would be like) with a song from their album The Window Seat. Make sure you check out their kick ass website.

Chart Magazine said of them "Windows '78 are often compared to eclectic bands such as Mogwai and The Flaming Lips, so capturing their sound on disc presents certain challenges. Thankfully, the band do a great job of artfully crafting their peculiar style on the new album."

To get the song "Opportunity" click here.

Also Zunior is having a Spring Sale. Check out their release on it...
Zunior.com Spring Sale - $3.00 off the best Canadian music!

Albums from Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, The
Constantines, Julie Doiron, Great Lake Swimmers, The Weekend, Eric's Trip, Billy Bragg, Elliott Brood, Wintersleep, Raising The Fawn, Jill Barber, Rheostatics, Neko Case and many more! Buy the best independent Canadian music at Zunior.com.

Albums come in DRM-free MP3 format for $8.88 or super high-quality
lossless FLAC for an extra $2.00! Albums comes with digital artwork suitable for printing or pondering.

Buy any three albums and get $3.00 off your order! Simply use the
redeem code 'springsale' upon checkout to get your discount.

Redeem code: springsale
Value: $3.00 off any three records on Zunior.com
Valid until: April 30, 2006
Link: www.zunior.com

Zunior.com is the home of independent digital music in Canada! Home to labels like Mint, Dependent, Three Gut, Endearing, Six Shooter and Sonic Unyon. Zunior.com is 'the little digital music store'!

Go to www.zunior.com and add some great music to your collection today!
Definitely a label worth suporting and great music for a great price.

-And since I'm keeping up with the Hillside Festival news, on the official message board is a thread of rumors of bands playing. Some I've named here already, some I've heard myself as rumors and some new names to me. I'm not going to give out the names here since they are just rumors but still worth checking out. So head over to the post and see for yourself.

Back later with a post of stuff on The Acorn, Sarah Harmer, Alan Piggins and more...


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