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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Canadian notes

A few notes on Canadians (not Neil Young) that have caught my eye the last few days

-It appears Sarah Harmer and her band were in a bit of an accident in the last couple of weeks. I was looking through her "scrawl" section of her website where she usually writes little notes. Well the newest one, dated April 21 struck me as a little weird. It said

"Where’s the scrawl? you ask. How do you cover it all? I reply. Just grateful to be alive, she smiles, and thanks her friends and the angel who passed over at mile 140, Oregon highway 5. The sun is smiling and shining down, the swing is swinging and no one’s around. The days of travel, the nights of shows, the music we made on the spot, documented in our souls. Thoughts of efforts, echoes and effects, something I once sent out came back to tell me to keep sending. This is a scrawl, a grateful one, one to say hi and there’s more to be done. This is resurrection, this is starting now, this is me saying go for it, don’t worry about how.
May good luck be with you.
It has surely been with me."

So I do a little websearch and on silverroad.org, a Harmer fan/news site I find news that the band was involved in an accident with their tour bus. To read the full article from The News-Review can click here.

Long story short though is that they seem fine although keyboardist Julie MacDonald (formerly of Flux A.D. and A Northern Chorus) suffered a sprain ankle.
-Originally my favorite band the Rheostatics were scheduled to go to China. Well it was cut back to just member Dave Bidini who will write about it for his upcoming book, "Around the World in 80 Gigs" for which he's already played shows in Finland and Russia.

Well added to the shows now is personal favorite and all around good guy, Alun Piggins, who also played with him on the Finland and Russia shows.

Anyways Echo Weekly, out of Kitchener/Waterloo/Guelph, recently had a story with him where he talks about the previous tour, the upcoming China shows, his new album and much more. To read it go here.

To hear Alun and his band The Quitters cover Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" download away here.
-Lastly for today Berkeley Place has a post up on Kelp Records' excellent band The Acorn and gives it a great review.

Check out The Acorn for yourself and download

"Evidence" (live version)
"Maplebees" (live version)

Or just check out the Kelp Records download page for tons of good music.

That's it for today. Tomorrow some Bruce Springsteen, since I'm listening to the new album right now and liking it, and whatever else catches my eyes and ears.


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