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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Unnamed Music Festival Coming To Windsor At End of September

For those who don't know or care I live in Windsor, Ontario. It can be rough down here musically sometimes (live show wise) but the last couple of years have been really solid. Well it seems that it's going to be picking up a notch here in the next month or so.

It starts with the current student council at the University of Windsor booking bands to start the year (current line-up includes Shout Out Out Out Out, Holy Fuck, K-Os, Matt Mays) but I'll do another post on that later.

The best place in Windsor for bands (in my opinion) is Phog. To start with they have a killer line-up of bands playing this month. Alun Piggins, The Bicycles, Wax Mannequin/Geoff Berner and Lindy are some of the bands playing. Then on the Phog Blog came word of a festival at the end of the month. I'm assuming it's Thursday, Sept. 28 to Saturday, Sept. 20.

From the Phog Blog...

"We have had one of the stongest, most enjoyable months so far with loads of local stuff happening at Phog almost every day. We have an incredible September booked, with a huge surprise at the end of the month, that you'll want to save you pennies for.

To kinda let the cat out of the bag, we are holding a three (?) day event in September. It will be wrought with our favourite out-of-town bands (who can make it), some new interests, and our favourite locals making their appearances.

To add some more mystery, there will be 4 bands per night for three straight nights...and it will be happening simultaneously at two venues!

Yes, eight bands per night...between two venues, which are oh so close to one another.

Tickets will be on sale soon, along with titles of all the people on the bills...and you will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions feel free to ask."

Now doing some detective work (which is basically seeing an ad in Exclaim and a post on the Windsor Stillepost page) my friend and I have figured out that A Northern Chorus will be playing. Also on the bill is The Ride Theory.

A Sonic Unyon ad in Exclaim had the A Northern Chorus show listed as Sept. 29 but their website has it listed as Sept. 30. Also adding to the intrigue is that the show is listed as being with Toshack Highway which is Adam Franklin from Swervedriver's new project. However a look at his website has him playing a show in Toronto and not Windsor on the 30th.

So basically not a lot of info is out there right now but I'll be keeping up on it as much as I can and as soon as more is known it'll be posted here.

Now I'll leave you with songs from the above bands.

A Northern Chorus-"Fragile Day"
Toshack Highway-"Just Landed" demo
The Ride Theory-"Motel Woman"


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