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Sweet Static is an mp3 blog that allows me to share the music I love and also to point out other cool things around the internet that catch my attention. It is also a place where I can talk about my radio show by the same name, now on Thursday nights from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on CJAM 91.5 FM in Windsor, Ontario. Got something I should hear? Email me at sweetstatic @ gmail.com. All comments left here are emailed to my inbox, so you can get a hold of me that way also. You can also follow the show/me on twitter at sweetstaticcjam.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sweet Static Playlist 4/20

Thanks to Doug Tielli of The Silt for joining me on today's show.

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-http://cjam.ca, under listen or
-opening a url on whatever player you use and put in

New and improved broadband stream from the station, as well as the original lo-fi stream.

The show is archived for a month at http://web2.uwindsor.ca/cjam/nvd_mp3.php with a new, easier to navigate layout.

as always...

cc-canadian content
*-in rotation
mp3-from an mp3 blog (link on the mp3)

The Lowest Of The Low-Eternal Fatalist from Shakespeare My Butt (A&M-1991) cc
Silver Jews-Sometimes A Pony Gets Depressed from Tanglewood Numbers (Drag City-2005)
Peter Elkas-Sunlight from Wall Of Fire (Maple Music-2007) cc *
Jarvis Cocker-Black Magic from Jarvis (Rough Trade-2007) *
Vancouver Nights-Naikoon Park from self-title album (Endearing-2000) cc
Jenn Grant-Unique In New York from Orchestra For The Moon (Paris 1919-2007) cc *
Ron Sexsmith-This Song from Blue Boy (Linus-2001) cc
Weeping Tile-Au Sud A Moi from Chromewaves mp3
Wooden Stars-Orphans from People Are Different (Sonic Unyon-2007) cc *

Interview with Doug Tielli of The Silt

The Silt from Cat's Peak (Fig-2007) cc
-Sunlit Cloud
-Ears On The Rail
The Superfantastics from Pop-Up Book (indie-2007) cc *
-Back To The Future III
-Vantastic (Eastern Canadian Road Trip Blues)
William Shatner-Common People from Has Been (Shout Factory-2004)
Carolyn Mark w/Amy Honey-Rocket Piano Man from Just Married: An Album Of Duets (Mint-2005) cc
Geoff Berner-Can't Stay Dry from The Wedding Dance Of The Widow Bride (Jericho Beach-2007) cc *
Jon-Rae And The River-Hard In The City from Knows What You Need (Baudelaire-2006) cc *
Entire Cities-Marshall's Five Lost Years from i (heart) music cc mp3
Jim Bryson-Don't Fail Me Now from Where The Bungalows Roam (Kelp-2007) cc *
Alun Piggins w/Oh Susannah-Let's Get It On from Awaken The Snakes (AML-2003) cc
Fembots-History Remade from The City (Paper Bag-2005) cc
The Golden Seals-Loving Arms from The Secret Sessions: Rheostatics Tribute (Zunior-2007) cc *



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks so much for playing Unique New York by Jenn Grant! I really really appreciate it. I hope that you are enjoying the album.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Hey Jason, No problem, my pleasure. Honestly first chance I've had to hear something from the record but really liked it. Looking forward to playing and hearing some more. Hopefully she can't hit Windsor sometime.

1:26 PM  

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